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Portraits & Wedding Image enhancement services

Digital Photo Enhancement plays a key role today in portrait photography and wedding photography and one would say naturally so.For one aspires to look their best and capture images of themselves at their best as these photographs are about memories of the joy associated with an eventful happening in one’s life. Memories one intends to cherish and retain for posterity sake. Many a times these images last beyond one’s own lifetime. Little wonder then that one seeks perfection in these photographs. Images that are flawless and perfect and truly capture the joy visually,  to be stored away to look back and reminisce of the wonderful times.

Image enhancement has come a long long way, from the manual days when airbrushing was the technique used largely. With the onslaught and growth of digital imaging and digital cameras, lot has changed. In a time where the conventional camera with film is almost obsolete if not obsolete, all of photography is with digital cameras. Allowing for fair amount of enhancements. Digital  Image enhancements are carried out using softwares like the photoshop and its ilk. There are many techniques and tools. The whole image enhancement function has fast become a specialised function.

With a lot of other allied changes in communication and technology the way business is carried has also changed a lot. Internet accessibility and increasing bandwidths and speeds have sure made the world a much smaller place. Where in geographical distances have ceased to be a limiting factors. If any large distances have turned into a boon, at least in the image editing business. The photographers work during their days and once they wrap up they dump their pictures on their terminals and transfer them to experts in far off lands in different time zones. For instance a photographer in the United States of America, who shot portraits or a wedding ceremony in the morning gets back to the studio organizes the images and analyses them and decides what is the enhancement requirement. Some of them would be results of specific client demands for the images to look a given way or to suit a theme. These are enhancement to suit the mood or theme, be it portrait or photographs from a wedding. The other cause of concern would be flaws in the images shot that are bound to creep in when shooting a live event. There could be issues of changing, removing backgrounds or elements, maybe even adding elements or a person in an image. Once the photographer has analysed and assessed what he requires done, He/She could search online for maybe “portrait editing service India” or “wedding image editing India”  given that India is known to have experts who provide quality services in image enhancement and editing. Else the photographer already has team he or she uses. If he or she does choose to use an image editing company out of India, they transfer the images to this outsourced company o experts and the images are with a team during their day. The photographer pretty much wraps up for the day and heads to a well deserved night’s rest. The experts in India work on the images and perfect it as required by the photographer and transfers the perfected flawless images to the photographer and he or she heads for their well earned rest. As for the photographer he or she wakes up to perfect flawless photographs which were the fruit of the previous days labour and work done while he or she was sleeping the night. All in all the team is not only able to return perfect flawless pictures that clearly can be called picture perfect, but they have done it in record time with each person doing what he or she does best


Image Retouching

In the field of portraits and nature photography and imaging be it the world of professionals or be it the world of amateurs it is imperative that this images will require post shoot image retouching services. This becomes imperative that images are shot in trying conditions and are never ever perfect and is likely to have some flaw, both in terms of the subject and in term of photography. Nature photography has a lot of challenges given terrain and the environment. Further the photographer has far less control on the critical elements that go on to make a good image. In terms of light, background elements, control over the subject itself. All this leads to challenges and the need for the photographer to adapt and be adept at using the existing environment and condition to his or her benefit. Given all these difficulties and add to that the demands of timelines and deadlines, the task at hand doe become hard to say the least. This is where nature retouching services turns out to be a big boon for nature photographers professional and amateurs alike. Courtesy digital imaging and digital image editing and enhancement softwares and techniques today  one is able to remove flaws and perfect images. Professionals trained and in using softwares like Adobe photoshop are able to turn flawed photographs into a work of perfection.Not only do the image editing experts remove the flaws resulting from vibrations and shakes, from overexposure or underexposure, but also helping in removing elements from the frame that are not required or do not compliment the overall image. In both nature photographs and portraits one extremely critical technique or service is the image cropping services that the photo enhancement and editing professionals provide. Most often when framing the picture more so in nature photography the photographer tries to capture as much of the environs along with the subject to capture the mood and ambience. Given the liberty of image editing the photographer errs on the side of capturing more without being critical, since it can be corrected by cropping out the corners and the outer parts of the image and arriving at optimum composition of the subject and environment. Even when we shoot people or group of people or any subject for that matter. One realise that there is a lot more in the periphery, and the it does not compliment or highlight the subject. It is in times like these that the cropping services come in handy. It is among the most popular of techniques and is widely used by most people. This is one technique that does not need an expert to carry out as a stand alone activity. That said many a times it is used in tandem with other techniques and tools to perfect an image. The most basic photo viewing application be it on phone, PC or on the web has a simple cropping utility. Every online photo viewing or storage album provides this feature. Though the advanced softwares have more evolved tools with more features and flexibility.

With time Image retouching has gone from being rarely used to being in essential in photography and digital imaging. It adds immense value to the quality to the final images and photographs be it portraits or nature pictures.


Old images revival and conversions

Have not we all at one time or the other, wished we could see clearly an old photograph withered away with age and time. Have we not at some time wished we could have an old black and white photograph converted to color and framed for us to cherish in times to come. The odds are are extremely high that most of us would answer both those questions in affirmative. The silver lining is both of it can be done. Thanks to digital image enhancement techniques and softwares at out our disposal. We can convert images from black and white to color. Experts working advanced softwares, provide the sais services, these professionals are spread across the globe and India has it fair share of experts who churn out work at a fast clip with enviable and world beating quality. Image restoration and retouching in India along with converting black and white images to color is a popular service provided apart from image colour correction. Image correction is crucial and required many a times given that most images have a color cast which needs to be removed. Color casts are overwhelming amount of one of the primary colors like a blue, green or red in the photographs. Or where in the light colors of white or grey is not captured properly.

Aging images have lines and cracks, dampness in the air and the sheer wear and tear of time on the images cause it to be flawed and leads to unclear viewing. Experts with experience and training in using image editing softwares and tools are able to work on these images and remove the flaws and then restore them to their old glory. Giving us the joy of able to enjoy the images and photographs in their old splendour. Many a times these are our last copies and a the loss of such pictures immeasurable. Thus this service is invaluable to so many of us who have aging photographs we want to restore and cherish. Hand in hand with this goes the conversion of black and white images to color. Thought some of these images are not damaged one aspires for them to have color and life that black and white images dont always capture and have. The newer technologies of today allows us to do all these and restore images and in turn helps us hold on to memories of the past and have souvenirs of times gone by.

Colour casts are largely created since the way the human eye perceives colors in different lighting conditions are different. If we did not do so we would be blinded in bright light of the day. Since we as a human race are by nature more active in the day, our eyes are designed so to ensure in bright light our vision and perceptions of colours are calibrated so not to blind us. The cameras unlike the eyes are not capable of seeing and perceiving differently hence the bright colours depiction in different light qualities are very different from the way the human eye perceives it to be. Photo Editing and enhancement softwares allows for this difference in the way the camera and the eyes perceive colors in different intensities of light to be reconciled. Professional using tools and softwares rectify the flawed depiction and they correct the colors in the photographs to resemble exactly as the human eye will have perceived or seen it.

These three services of image restoration, conversion of black and white and color correction complement and go hand in hand in more ways the one. The common thread being they all involve enhancing colors and textures but also in the fact many a times they are use in tandem and go a long way in perfecting and restoring an image to perfection.


Photo Manipulation

Digital Photo Manipulation is a vertical that was born from the significant development in the field imaging and photography namely the advent of Digital imaging. With digital camera fast becoming the norm rather than the exception digital imaging is all prevailing. Not only has the conventional film camera becoming close to obsolete driven the changes,the other major contributing element is our prevalent way of life in which storage of any document or entertainment is by far digital and digital only. They way we view and access these records are through Personal Computers, laptops, tablets, Smartphones and the like. Given the overall combination our move to digital forms are absolute. Photography and images are no exception to this trend, if any they are harbingers to this trend. That being the case, little surprise then that digital image enhancement and digital image editing is now a very specialised field. With personnel trained and qualified to use the leading softwares, techniques and tools to not only create the perfect images but to to do so quick. These professionals have a keen sense of aesthetics and a sharp understanding of the science behind images and photography. Their attention and keenness for details allow them to pick up flaws in photographs and images. After Which they use the training and know how they have to rectify the flaws and perfect the images by carrying out enhancements to the image. Couple of techniques we are going to look into now are removing object from photos and the process to remove marks from photos. These to are similar and complementary process partly one more macro the other micro.

As the names suggest both processes be it removing objects from images or be it removing marks from images. Both involve digitally editing the photographs and removing elements be it objects to be it marks, spots, smudges and the like. To carry this out the experts in the field of image editing and enhancement first analyse the frame and compositing of the photograph and then identify the objects that need to be removed and asses the effect it will have to the overall composition of the image in terms of empty space and awkward spaces. Once the effects are estimated the photo editing staff using advanced image editing software mark out the objects to be removed and the then remove it from the image. If it disturbing object is in the periphery it is a lot easier to eliminate it, even cropping the image might help. If it is close to the subject the process is a little more complicated, even more so if it is in between subjects that need to continue being part of the photograph. In such cases the editors not only remove the disturbing object they also re-compose the elements to ensure the spaces do not look jarring and unnatural and in turn make it apparent to the viewer the object was removed. In such cases due care is taken to ensure that the image looks natural and perfect. By re-composing the elements in the photograph to ensure they fit in well. The principal is similar with removing of specks and marks, only it is a lot finer and one needs to ensure that the specks and marks are removed but at the same time the color tone and texture of the image is retained and is contiguous more so on the spots and place where the pecks and marks have been removed and cleaned.

It is agreed beyond doubt and debate that the two processes of object and mark removal are critical cog in the overall scheme of photo editing and image enhancement. They contribute in making photographs perfect and desirable.


Photo Enhancements to counter the tricks light plays

Light possibly is the most critical element for vision, same is the case with a camera capturing images. It is the rays of light falling on the lenses and there on going on to the sensor that is the basic of photography. The equipment and all other elements apart the one element that is equally important at all times is light. Light is paramount to photography, it is a boon and a bane alike. Like the old adage goes ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’. A photograph is made or broken by light. As a photographer one needs to use light and use it well. Make it your best ally. Every and any photographer understands and respects the importance of light and realizes well the havoc it can create in the images he or she shoots.

The only respite today is the fact that many of these flaws that light causes on photographs can be rectified and enhanced post photo shoot using image editing and enhancement softwares. The most likely services sought of image enhancement experts with regards to flaws created by factors relating to light are image red eye correction, image contrast correction and photo exposure editing services. We will look at each of these services and phenomenons that create the flaws which in turn need rectifications.

Red eye is a phenomenon that occurs when the camera is close to the subject and the flash is used. The subject here in being a person or an animal. Light as we all know travels at very high speeds and when the camera is used up close with a powerful flash, the light travels fast and through the pupils. The pupils have no time to react leading to capture the eyes of subject in reddish color or a variation of red or orange. Since the images are captured with a red tint on the eyes, the phenomenon is called Red eye, and the correction of the same is called red eye correction. This is done using image editing softwares. Today many online albums and applications providing albums, storage of photographs, picture viewing application. Many of them provide the basic version of the tool that carries out red eye correction.

Contrast correction as the name suggests is carried out when the image captured ha flawed contrast, make the picture not clear and subject not being highlighted.This largely occurs depending the intensity and the quality of ambient light or light used during the shoot. Image editing softwares are used to correct the flawed contrasts and convert them into images with perfect contrasts highlighting the subject of the photograph.

Photo exposure correction is a very critical service, since this is a very sensitive area and not only difficult to get right,but there are times we are forced to use a particular exposure time which though would serve a purpose but would lead to a flawed exposure, compromising the quality of the photograph. At such times it is a blessing to image enhancements carried out to the photograph and have the flawed exposure corrected and the image made perfect. Exposure to explain briefly is the amount of time the shutter of the camera is kept open allowing the light to pass through the lenses on the sensor that forms and captures the image. Lower or longer the shutter speed, allowing that much more light in. Typically in low light situation or when one wants a very wide angle captured, one slows the shutter down so as to allow that much more light pass through. When the ambient light is bright one tends to use faster shutter speeds to ensure too much light does not pass through and cause overexposure and lense flares. This is a critical adjustment and partly a question of judgement. Also for certain image enhancement techniques photographers shoot with varying exposures to then have all the images used for blending. The primary service though is to rectify a flawed exposure.

These three are the typical flaws that light causes in photographs and all of them thankfully can be rectified and the photograph perfected with image enhancement softwares and techniques available to us today.


One image from many – Image editing services out of India

There a few techniques in digital image editing that combines more than one image to create on single image. There is the blending services, there is the image stitching services and the panoramic image  stitching services. We are not exploring them, they in a way are related. In these it is images of the same object shot varyingly or a large object shot in pieces and then stitched together. In that sense the subject is related or one the same.  We are exploring two other techniques that involve largely independent images many a times not part of the same shoot or place. They can be very different or even if similar not is the same way as in blending and stitching.

The second bunch that we are going to explore also shares on commonality with the earlier bunch, to the extent that these techniques also strive to use multiple images to tell a story. We are looking at photo merging and collage creation. Many a times both these techniques need to be complemented with service of photo background changer. These image editing services are today carried out by experts working across the globe and India is fast emerging a hub for these services with an abundance in skilled human resource who are trained and experienced in the field of image editing and enhancements.

Photo merging services in India is very popular and competitive. With services being provided at competitive prices and with consistently high quality same is the case with collage creation in India. Photo merging is when two or more images are used and merged together. The reasons and the need for this could be varied. When there are multiple subjects which have been shot extremely well and have been captured in different images one might want to merge them both to capture the best of both the objects. Or it could be two different images from different times and places of the the same or complimenting subjects that once wanted to merge. Another application could be to showcase before and after in a same image when advertising a service or effect of a product. Where in the two images of the subject before and after are merged and made into one image to show the viewer the difference and hence the effectiveness. Merging it into one image makes it easy to make a visual comparison and hence the message a lot more powerful. Collage is probably an artform as old as paper, in its origin people tended use different art forms and paste it onto a board to create one single work of art, it would at times include scraps of paper , cloth and the like. The same artform grew into photographs where in multiple images were put into together to tell a story. It could be a whole bunch of childhood and growing up photographs of a person or family to a given point which could be in the present moment. A way of reminiscing and celebrating the journey thus far. It could be a tribute to one particular person’s life sharing different facets of that person. Collages of a person achievements or work. Brands make collages of their products and services and how they have involved. Examples are endless. Collages are essentially a bunch of photographs and images put together to make one image that tells you a story. A story told in images and photographs, multiple images made into one to tell the whole story.

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