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Bringing Back Old Images to Life

Human beings have always been in love with concept of immortality and the need to leave their mark for the future generations to see. Along with cave drawings the art of sculpting arrived and one had to be part of the royal family to even dream of getting a sculpture done. Then came painting and slowly the art of photography came into place. Images of our grandparents, historic images, and old images are treasured sources of knowledge. They are a source of beauty and are far more valuable than any wealth in the world.

Age does not treat the old images well and causes damage to the pictures often marring the beauty of the image. But we do not have to worry about these any more but can rather restore the images to its original glory with the help of PROFESSIONAL PHOTO RETOUCHING. These services not only help in restoring the images but can also help you to preserve the images for a long time to come.

The process of photo retouching largely revolves around fixing any torn part of the image, removing spots/dirt from the image, scanning the image, adjusting the color and contrast, filling in color where necessary and depending on the owner`s wish, balancing the brightness, fixing red eye, fixing the sharpness and detailing of the image and more. The old images also need an expert touch because of the limitations the cameras had to face then. But with the new developments in the field of photo retouching there is no need to fret; just turn in the images to the experts and these will be restored to its original glory in no time.


Black and White images were always a class apart and still reigns strong in the field of photography. But there are times when the new generation wishes to see the old black and white images of their ancestors in color. This might also be one of the key points in their aim to restore old damaged images. The COLOR CONVERSION SERVICES in INDIA takes great pride in taking in old images and giving it a new look keeping in mind the need to retain the beauty of the original and not change it entirely and make it unrecognizable.

The tricky part here would be to retain the classy feeling that the old images seem to generate while adding color and gloss to the image. This process is as complex as restoring a painting that had to face the ravages of time. Each and every part of the image, the central theme and the background is clearly analysed and worked on diligently by the artists in this field. There are softwares which can help you in the process but very little can replace the inputs that a human mind can work on and the details as specified. The appropriate use of colors will aid in adding color and vibrancy to the image and thereby bringing the image to life.

Though there has been many advancements in technology, there is a lot left to be desired too in our camera. The camera does not capture the images as we see them with our naked eyes. This


largely depends on the perception with reference to the brightness of the frame. While the human can differentiate this, camera captures the image in the given light in a shade very different from what is perceived by us. This process of working on the images is called PHOTO COLOR CORRECTION. This process  tries to narrow the gap between how the image is shot and how the image is perceived by the human eye.


These simple processes can help the photographers shoot images without being too careful about the colors but to click away without missing the moment and to work on it later to bring the image closer to the natural look it has.


Why Photo Manipulation is a Necessary Evil


There are two kinds of people who view any piece of art, the purists and the ones who favour science and technology to help in bettering the final product. The arguments between these two

groups are legendary. Whatever let the case be in any other field, in the field of photography there is a constant need to use technology to perfect the image because the tool used for the same, the camera is not a perfect instrument yet. The camera apart from a skilled photographer also requires to be worked on by a skilled technician to remove the inherent flaws in the image.


This inevitable need is not to create an image, but to work on the background and other minor elements like contrast, brightness and other such similar aspects, all of which aid in bringing the

image to life. DIGITAL PHOTO MANIPULATION services in INDIA has come a long way and has mastered this art. This process largely includes adding or removing people, removing distraction from the image, red-eye correction, contrast correction, exposure correction, merge images, collage creation, white balance and color correction and also background change. These are the broad classifications which when worked upon brings out the beauty of the image to the front.


To give you a fair idea let us elaborate on the first two simple steps for the same. ADD – REMOVE PEOPLE FROM PHOTO is pretty much what the name suggests. This can seem like a rather simple process, that of removing an element from the image. But the larger worry remains as to how to fill in the gap left while removing a person or a distracting object. Then comes the arduous task of making sure the spot is covered up and that it blends with the image as a whole.

What can you do if someone you cherish could not be part of an important function in your life? You can add that person`s image once the images of the function are in. But this is sadly not as easy as it sounds. The person`s image that we are trying to add on to the main image, should have the same contrast, brightness, size in comparison with the other people in the image and more. So the technician will have to work on these aspects before adding the image of the person on to the main image.
Another common and easy process to follow while working on an image would be to REMOVE DISTRACTIONS FROM IMAGES. Distractions can be described as images, objects, blemishes, shadows, or any such element that works against the image by distracting the viewer`s attention from the main theme/object in the image. Human mind is trained to spot any distraction on an otherwise beauty surface thereby the beauty of the entire image is lost thanks to that tiny spot/blemish or something in the periphery of the main object of the image. This simple process of removal makes sure the image does not have anything that distracts the viewer or mars the image.


The people who have a basic idea of beauty and are trained to use the software will have to work on the image so that he/she and the photographer in tandem can give this one final product that is a thing of beauty. The idea being that the image and the purpose it has to serve is primary, and the technique behind it is not. You accept it or not, photo manipulation services are a must in this world!



Why image correction?


It is true that an image will pretty much portray the object based on the angle of the shoot, but it does not end there. One fact we are forced to accept is that, the camera can never replace or capture an image the way the human eye perceives it. The camera though has gone through many changes and developments have a long way to come as far capturing realistic images are concerned. There are a myriad of reasons why an image is not complete or presentable for a larger audience, unless they are worked upon. This is not due to the lack of experience or expertise of the photographer, but rather something that is an essential process in this time and age.

IMAGE CORRECTION SERVICES in INDIA have established itself as one of the pioneers in the field. The most common issue with images are what is referred to as the red eye. This happens during close up shots when the flash is used which causes this phenomenon. This flaw ruins the face of the person and in turn ruins the whole image, it is hard to miss too. In this age when e-commerce is booming, images play a very important role in selling any product. Unless this flaw is corrected the image as a whole is rather useless for online retail or even if it were the case of saving it as a personal image. This issue on the other hand be corrected without any damage to the image in the skillful hands of a software expert, and hence help the image regain its glory.

Apart from the red-eye, another common issue with most images are the issues they face with reference to contrast. PHOTO CONTRAST SERVICES in INDIA have skilled technicians who have delved into the cause and the ways to rectify it. The contrast in the image largely gives an idea about the depth between the various elements in the image and try to reflect what is seen by the human eye. But the cameras are not fully equipped for this and needs some post photoshoot editing to rectify this. These changes in the contrast make the image perfect and is a very useful correction procedure which makes the image nothing short of perfect.

Everyone has heard about exposure when they pick up photography. But very few venture into experimenting with the same. This is a technique which when used skillfully can open a world of

options that give a new angle to the world of the photography. In simple terms it tells us if an image is dark or bright. An ideal exposure is when the brightness is just right that it can imitate the real world feel.


The process gets harder when we realise that there is no set time but is largely left to the imagination and the general feel of the photographer. Because of this we often find images which are over exposed or under exposed. But fear not, as they with the help of the correct softwares can be corrected. IMAGE EXPOSURE CORRECTION in INDIA is a thing of beauty that most photographers would tend to swear by.


These minute changes enhance the beauty of the image and makes them a product of expert photography and technology. Learn these easy processes and click away happily.




Real Estate Services & Images


When most of the services started entering the online world of business, the realtors saw it as a brilliant opportunity to jump on to the bandwagon. The internet opened the world to the Real Estate brokers, who saw this as the ideal opportunity to maximise their business. The realtors also analysed the various components in play, and short listed couple of key points. The main one being the importance of images.


There are many reasons why a browser might stick on to a page to read up, but the one reason why they would even give the page a second look would be all thanks to the brilliance of the image. In the case of real estate services that can be found online, the one driving force is undoubtedly the way it is presented. The online realtors realised that the images on the site is the equivalent to the first glimpse of the best aspect of the house that a client can get. The only difference here being the fact that the real estate agent can choose what he/she wants to showcase and thereby lure the potential client to visit the house.


Once the importance of images were established, came the question of the quality of images and the cost effective ways to shoot a property that is to be sold. Anyone can use an aim and shoot camera and get a pretty decent image, and with the new developments in the field of technology, all we need is a basic image from an aim and shoot camera. The REAL ESTATE PHOTO EDITING SERVICES have come a long way and these established technicians promise to work on the image and take care of the elements that need to be worked on. So all you need to do is find a decent enough camera and clear shots of the property along with a skilled technician who can bring out the beauty of the property from the simple enough basic image.

There are many reasons why an image needs to be worked on post shoot with the help of software experts, no matter who shoots the image. The most common of the issues happen to be what is referred to as color cast. The COLOR CAST REMOVAL SERVICES mainly focus on removing the unwanted colors washed or splashed across the photograph. There are many reasons why this happens, but there is no way any photographer can completely avoid this from happening. Given this, the photographers need to find a skilled technician who with the aid of the advanced software can work on the images and remove all the colors cast on the image based on his understanding of the image. Care should be given at the same time to make sure that the beauty of the image is not compromised.

There is a lot of difference between the image of room and that of a person or an animal. The former is the perfect  example of a still image and is in a variety of ways different from say a portrait. Still images are what forms the base for the real estate industry and a lot depends on the perfection of the image. STILL IMAGE ENHANCEMENT SERVICES work hand in hand with the real estate industry to boost the images and bring in the maximum amount of clients to the page with the sheer brilliance of the image.


As is the case with most of the industries, real estate is also a perfect blend between the artists and the machine. Do not relegate a secondary position to images on your real estate website, but rather invest on these images and you can see the affect it has on the business as a whole.


Playing God with images?

Images are the key elements in the case of online retail services. They not only arrest the attention of the potential client but also work towards giving the client the first glimpse of the product that would work as a major driving force in deciding the user`s final decision. The online real estate business is booming as the experts have analysed the different factors and have come up with the list of elements that make or break an impression. Images rank as one of the topmost in the long list.


There are various aspects that are seen wanting in an image when it comes to the long shot of the exterior of any property that is being showcased. The most important one being the condition of the sky during the exact moment the image was clicked. The overall effect of the image largely depends on the state of the sky – a bright sky lends a cheerful effect whereas a dull, cloudy sky

dampens everyone`s spirit. The REAL ESTATE SKY CHANGE SERVICES are extremely valuable in this scenario as they can change pretty much the sky in the image to the sky that is nothing short of perfection. Any image that is shot with an above average camera can be worked on and the desired effects can be brought about in the skilful hands of a trained software enthusiast. By doing so, the entire image gets a facelift and the chances of selling/renting the property increases by not less than 50%.


Apart from the sky, there is a lot that depends on the angle of the shot when it comes to shooting tall buildings. If the angle at which the camera is aimed does not match the angle at which the

building rests, a lot goes wrong in the final image. As a result to this the image plane and the object being shot are not parallel to each other, this causes the building to appear as if it is leaning backwards or forwards. Though this is a serious issue, PERSPECTIVE CORRECTION CHANGES SERVICE have figured ways to work around this and to come up with ways to rectify this issue.

When it comes to images of the rooms, the number of issues do not come down. If you were to closely analyse any given image, it would be wrought with good areas and equally bad ones – poorly lit, contrast is bad, or in general do not get along with the rest of the image. But what if we are to take the good parts of each image and blend them as a whole to come up with an image that consists of just the good areas of different images. This is exactly what REAL ESTATE IMAGE BLENDING services is all about.


With the new developments in image manipulation services, there is little that one needs to worry about. All one needs to do is find image manipulation services that would work best for them and start shooting without any qualms.




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