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Collage creation

What is Collage Creation?

Collage as the dictionary definition goes roughly reads as being a work of art by sticking together photographs, bits of cloth, fabric, paper so on to a paper, a board, a canvas or the likes. The word originates from the French word ‘Coller’ meaning ‘to glue’. It is assembling of pieces thus creating a one new whole piece of art.


In the Digital world it is also called Digital collage or e-collage, this is a process by which software and image enhancement tools use disparate or complementary images and element to create one new whole image.


The application of this process cuts across a wide range of industries. It is used whenever one needs to communicate or tell a story with many elements to its viewers, where a single image speaks about many. The real estate Industry uses it for a realtor or any other stakeholder who will to communicate the various projects they are dealing in by putting together a collage of all their available properties, or the kind of facilities their different properties provide. It effectively communicates the segment and category of properties they deal in. Product companies create collages with their range of products and images that communicate their application and use – the one image which talks about all their products or a group or category of products, or of different categories they carry and so on. E-commerce websites find this very useful too, when they run promotions with multiple product options or when they need to communicate the areas they specialise in.


The requirement and usage of collages are varied and across industries. The combining or mixing of many images or elements of images into single image is ‘collage creation’ most often the collage is communicating to its viewer a story of sorts.


Why outsource ‘Collage Creation’?

Like all image enhancement services, collage creation is also heavily dependent on advanced softwares which are expensive and even more challenging to ensure they stay updated and the choice of softwares and techniques and tools are appropriate. Given the complexities of choice, training, experience and the high cost element and operational challenge to run it in house, it makes sense to outsource the function to experts who provide collage creation services. They ensure timely delivery of the final images required, ensuring quality and do all of this at lowered costs.


Why Photo Editing India?

Photo Editing India is among the leaders in providing services for collage creation in India, world over. Not only does Photo Editing India produce among the best collages and images, they do so with lighting speed, giving you back your images in record time, but also do so, at unimaginably low costs. For the service levels and quality provided it a dream come true.


Photo Editing India has well trained, skilled and experienced artist who make the collages for you. They are perceptive and have a keen sense of aesthetics and beauty, because of which all you need to do is give them a brief, the story you want to tell your clients or potential clients, and the stock of images shot. The rest they ensure, the artists and technicians will pick and choose the elements and images and make them perfect by creating a collage, pleasing, desirable and attractive. A collage that will do your company and your images proud, a collage that tells your potential client / clients a story and tugs on them to explore your products and services


All this priceless elements coupled with advanced softwares and latest tools ensure the best of service at your beck and call. The supporting IT infrastructure with FTP file transfers available to each and every client, power backups, connectivity redundancies, surplus bandwidth, a twenty percent bench strength and the like ensure our services are up and running 24/7 and we cater to all your needs and surges in volumes of images driving by the requirement of your business are all met with on time and with the uncompromising quality Photo Editing India is known for.


Little wonder then that Photo Editing India has never had client left wanting.


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