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Contrast Correction

What is Contrast Correction?

As is apparent from the name contrast correction is the process by which the flawed contrasts in an image is perfected using advanced image enhancement softwares and tools. This has become possible with advances in digital imaging and allied technologies.


Why is Contrast so important? We humans see and view objects in three dimensions, this is to mean we perceive and recognize depths. Where as images we shoot with cameras are two dimensional, yet today we are able to perceive depth in a picture. This happens with contrast between objects and elements in a picture, which then clearly outlines different objects and gives us a perception of depth. The science in photography and in image enhancement has improved with time and the post shoot enhancements are critical.


The reason why pictures depicts colors and contrasts differently is because the human eye and the camera operate and react differently to varying intensities of light. The camera reacts in a linear fashion, and increased intensity is captured by the exact same degree, whereas the human eye reacts differently in different lighting conditions and thus effectively to different colors. In brighter setting and brighter colors the increase in intensity is downplayed and the eye does not perceive the exact same increase. Modern day cameras factor this and have a gamma correction.


Yet no photographer will debate the need to correct contrasts of the images they have shot, so as to make them perfect. The process of rectifying flawed contrasts and to edit image contrast, in turn making the perfect image is called image Contrast Correction.


Why Outsource Contrast Correction?

It has been established and accepted beyond doubt that the need for contrast correction is primary. Contrast correction in digital images is done using image enhancing softwares and techniques. This process not only needs trained and skilled experts to work on the images and perfect it, but also requires reasonably expensive software. Given the time, effort and cost involved it makes sense to go to experts who provide photo contrast correction services. This assures you of quality, speed and a very competitive price.


Why Photo Editing India?

Photo Editing India has been in the field of image enhancement for years now. The team of artists cum technicians have experiences of well over a decade, working with images day on day and continue to work on over three thousand images a day. The wealth of knowledge and capabilities within the team is the constant source of  envy.

Photo Editing India have the latest softwares and the best of IT infrastructure that ensures ease of operations to all their clients, be it the FTP file transfers, or the backup created in terms of infrastructure or be it in terms of a bench strength of people. All this ensures that any surge in volume of images to be worked on is managed with no delays, allowing the client to rest easy.


The sheer quality of work and the images created, be it for Contrast correction or any other service, speaks volumes. Once you have experienced the quality of work, service and the premium on keeping to committed timelines, you will have no reason to look beyond Photo Editing India, just as none of our clients have ever had to do so.

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