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Creating the Picture Perfect?

An image is good as the subject in most cases, but seldom can you find the images being cooperative, or for that matter the weather or the immediate surrounding of the subject. Though there is a rustic charm in capturing images in its natural best, the surroundings can often mar the innate charm of the subject. Same is true with the weather which in turn affects the lighting, the contrast and sudden issues that might crop up.


Images are a keepsake, a memory lies in the heart of every image and with the passage of time we might find that we are left only with these memories. Images play a vital role in capturing those special moments in life and when one considers the larger picture of what is happening around us, we cannot ignore the vital role they play in advertisements, let it be hoardings, brochures, print or online versions of the same and it goes on.


We agree that very little can be done when it comes to making a picture, perfect especially when there are so many elements have to work towards making it a reality. In comes the IMAGE CORRECTION SERVICES. These are life-savers to the professional photographers and the amateurs alike. These correction services, with the advance in technology, come in the form of softwares which are user friendly and with the passage of time there are people who have mastered these.


There are also people who have mastered the software which promises to remove or add shadows to highlight the image, depending on the image, EDIT IMAGE CONTRAST and work on the issues that the photograph is facing due to lighting issues and such. More often than not, a photograph is inspired and the person who is clicking cannot be in control of all the aspects that surround the central object in the image.


The best way forward when it comes to clicking photographs would be to click as many as is possible with various angles and shutter speeds and try to capture the mood/object of the setting as best as possible. These are the only two things in an image which can seldom be staged unless we are talking about studio shoots. Once we have a wide array of images with various exposures, shutter speeds and angles we can save them and work on it later with the help of these new age software.

There is a lot that can be achieved if we can learn how to work around the shutter speed and manipulate the exposure. The mood of the image, the central theme and the settings mostly depend on the ability to pick up the correct exposure. There are tools now which can help even a novice to work on the images and remove or correct the glaring issues. These PHOTO EXPOSURE CORRECTION tools are essential when it comes to any image that we click since we are at the mercy of the elements of nature and would need all the help from technology to make our images help narrate the story which is an inherent part of any good image.


From one photographer to the other, the only advice worth sharing or receiving would be, never to give up, but to strive everyday till the day success comes knocking on your doorsteps. Befriend the latest innovations in the field of photo editing and as a learning process try to work on improving your technical skills with these software as much as you are trying to improve your photography skills. In this world where one aids the other, neither can exist alone, but can work in tandem to produce a piece of art every time the best of both the worlds come together.





Checklist for home sellers/buyers

In this changing economy we are constantly moving from one place to another, be it for jobs while we are moving up the ladder as far as our careers are concerned, or with plans to settle down in a quiet neighbourhood or for a change of home for the sake of your child! Whatever the reason be, change seems to be the only constant in this dynamic world.

In this scenario, there is a constant supply and demand created in our economy where people are looking out for new houses and at the same time there are people trying to lease/rent/sell their homes. And the one common platform where all of them come together is the online real estate services. The real estate business is a fast-growing one, where even the owners of the house can shoot images of their homes and upload it online for the house-hunter`s eyes.


Most of these are amateur photoshoots where the house owner clicks images of the interior and exterior and a lot might be lacking here. This is where the REAL ESTATE PHOTO EDITING

SERVICES in INDIA come to play. These images can be outsourced where the image correction services can work wonders to your image and hence increase the chances of renting/selling the house.


Most of the images shot indoors often have an unrealistic shade of yellow or dull grey depending on the colour of the walls and the lighting. This unnatural shade makes your rooms and largely your home look dull and lifeless. The REAL ESTATE COLOR CAST REMOVAL INDIA can brighten your image with a natural tone and bring out the essence of the room upfront with the help of artists who have been in this field for long. They know the correct tones, the correct shadow effects and multiple other tricks of the trade that can bring out the warmth in the room for the potential client to see. Once the client is lured into visiting your house, you have won half the battle.

Once the basic color cast removal is completed, much care has to be taken to make sure each and every article in the room blends with the rest of the pieces of furniture in the room and that the entire room is where the buyer can see himself/herself wanting to come back to after a stressful day. STILL PHOTO ENHANCEMENT in INDIA has already established themselves as the pioneers in this field. These skilled workers see each image as a piece of art and work towards perfecting each image while making the much needed corrections in an aesthetic way without tampering with the identity of the original image.


These changes, apart from color cast removal, would include sky change services when it comes to the outdoor images of the home. Any outdoor image depends a lot on the weather and the color tone of the sky especially if the sky is part of the image. A cloudy sky can cast an overall gloom to the image of your house and this can work against your favour. A bright sky brings with it the promise of sunshine and fun and happiness. These are the nuances of images that few of us can see without the experience that working on this field provides us. These correction services thereby do a world of good to the images that you have clicked of your homes.


These images, in short, once they are back from the Real Estate Photo Editing Services would be a series of images that shout out to the world, why your home is a must buy!




Shooting buildings vs. humans?


The art of photography owes 50% of its success to timing/luck. The inane ability to be able to anticipate a perfect photographic moment is not something that training can help inculcate in a human being. But the other 50% is in the hands of the person holding the camera. And here are a few tips that would enable you to have a quick mental checklist before you start shooting away to glory.


Shooting humans are far more easy than a static building as there can never be two same images of the same person/animal at any given point in time. This when compared with shooting a building, where the only scope for change come from the angles, the immediate surroundings, the seasons, and most importantly the lighting. Do read on for a few things that one should keep in mind before they head over to shoot buildings.


Each building looks different in different times of the day. One cannot predict what might be the best time to shoot or the angle one can fix during this golden time frame. The best way to go forward would be to visit the spot a day in advance and study the same in different angles during different times of the day.

It is not advisable to cram all this into the same day as perception differs with fatigue. The best way forward would be to take sample shots and then head over to the shooting spot with a clear

head knowing what to expect and armed with this knowledge wait for the story to unfold as far as the building is concerned. And most importantly realise that the beauty lies in framing the image in an innovative fashion, set it against the background of the sky, for instance.


The state of the sky, be it the passing clouds or the clear sky, the sky can make or break the impact of an image. While all of us agree, there is no guarantee when it comes to shooting the sky, we also have to accept that it is the angle at which the image is shot which is of prime importance. The rest can be worked on thanks to the developments made in the field of IMAGE SKY CHANGE SERVICES.

Another mistake most of the photographers make is the effort they take at shooting a building as a whole. Though it is a fact that anybody who is trying to buy or lease a house would want to see the house in its entirety what would catch their attention would be that one aspect of the building that calls out to them. The photographers job hence is to find such angles and frame the building or a section of the building in such a way that the balcony/portico/a window at a different angle gets highlighted.


When the building is shot as a whole it can be fraught with issues all thanks to the angle of the shot. As a result of this the building seems to be leaning back and the sides of the building are not parallel to each other as it should be in a regular image. PERSPECTIVE CORRECTION CHANGES rectify these damages caused when the angle of the camera and the angle of the building are not the same. But these are changes that can be done to your images from the comfort of the desktop once you master the software.


Another common feature that you will find in most of the images would be, how certain sections of a room look better in certain angles but when you try to shoot the image as a whole this clarity

and vibrancy is lost. IMAGE BLENDING SERVICES IN INDIA have figured a solution for this issue also, a rather easy one when you look at it. These multiple images of the room are blended together taking into consideration the great corners and spots from each image and recreating the image of the room as a whole with these brilliant parts.


Thanks to all these services and advancements in the field of software, there is so much that can be done to any image to bring out the best which is often marred by certain imperfections. Shoot away and let the image editing softwares take care of the rest.







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