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Image Manipulation, a Necessary Evil


In realistic world life is far from ideal, but there is one area where nothing short of perfect is of any use, and that is the field of advertising. With the increase in the number of choices, the companies rely mostly on advertisements to capture the attention of the potential buyers and then work towards making the buyer give the advertised product a try. The whole business of stickiness to the product is the headache of a totally different department.


This scenario remains the same even in the case of real estate services across the world. Once the online boom materialised, there was no going back as far as the e-commerce web sites were concerned. And real estate realised moving online would prove more lucrative for them in the longer run. Selling products online soon became a science, a much researched area and certain key factors were established.


The primary one being the importance of image in the field of advertising. The world also realised the quality of a photograph does not depend on the cost of the camera or the proficiency of the cameraperson, but rather on the ability to capture an image without any glaring flaws and then working on it with the help of a skilled software technician. This does not refer to doctoring the image, but rather on perfecting it by removing the flaws that are hard to avoid during a shoot.


There are some unique processes that are easy to understand and work on. The first of those is what is referred to as the REAL ESTATE PHOTO STITCHING SERVICES. Photo Stitching or  HDR Image Stitching as it is usually referred to as is the process by which multiple shots of the property at various angles are stitched or blended together to create one single contiguous image. This single large image gives the potential client pretty much a 360° view of the property/house and functions more as a virtual tour.


If the Photo Stitching is done tastefully the chances that the client would visit the house personally becomes that much more higher. In short, with this process the viewers get a closer look and feel of the property and can decide on whether to spend time and effort and visit the property in person. This process is harder than it looks and the post shoot editor will have to work on the image to make sure all the different elements from the  different images blend in the single image.

REAL ESTATE PANORAMA STITCHING SERVICES is a very similar process, where the image stitching process is employed to bring out what is called a segmented panorama or what in simple terms can be called a high-resolution image of a huge area. Another similar process in this group is the REAL ESTATE HDR IMAGE BLENDING SERVICE. HDR (High Dynamic Range) image blending refers to blending a series of pictures shot on varying exposures to create that one perfect image. But a lot of care has to be taken to make sure that the color tones, contrast and brightness in these images that are used are more or less the same and even if they are not, care should be taken to blend it in such a way that the entire picture looks as if it is part of the whole and does not jar.


If these simple procedures are employed, you can rest assured that any decent image can be transformed into one that is worthy of being showcased.



Essentials of Photo Manipulation


There is a lot being said around the need for photo manipulation and how it is imperative that any image before it gets showcased go through a simple series of image manipulation techniques. There is no doubt that image manipulation is a necessary evil, having established that let us try and figure out the basics so that we can explore the concept and work around the images we are not too happy with.


At the bottom is the simple process of image clipping. IMAGE CLIPPING SERVICES in INDIA have come a long way and have explored all the aspects involved. This long and complicated process involved removing or modifying elements to highlight the central theme from the background. Once this is accomplished the background of the image is also worked on to suit the layout based on where the image would land. This process makes sure the image does not have any glaring issues and that the central image is where the primary attention is aimed at. Image clipping is essential when it comes to the world of advertising or online retail services. The images are the first step towards gaining anybody`s attention and hence one cannot showcase anything but the best when it comes to images.


Before we get into detail about image clipping we need to analyse what is called image clipping path. IMAGE CLIPPING PATH SERVICES are aplenty in India, considering how no one can

ignore this simple process. A clipping path as the name suggests is the path along which an image is cut. The path has to be first outlined and then the image has to be cut along the clipping path.


There are many kinds of clipping paths based on the image. If the image is that of a square the cutting path is the same and ends where it starts, and there are no overlaps, this is a simple cutting path. Now imagine a clipping path of a lace curtain, it would be complex as there are many layers and it might often overlap. Since the cutting path is the primary step in photo manipulation a lot depends on this and care should be taken that the finished product is nothing but perfect.

Close to the heels of image clipping comes the magical process called photo masking. Once the basic clipping is over the image that has been clipped out is worked upon. More often than not the clipped image might not have well defined edges. PHOTO MASKING SERVICES helps in smoothing out the edges. There are also details that have to be taken care of, all of which depends on the complexity of the image. This includes hair, veil, curtains with intricate patterns or that of landscape photography where the trees and the foliage give a complicated outline to work on.


Photo editing services are needed immaterial of who shot the image or where it going to land –  a billboard, brochure, website, magazine, you name it, images play a very important role. The basic knowledge of these software is a must for anyone who is part of the advertising or the e commerce field. In this world there is nothing that cannot be achieved with wonderful combo of technology and good old fashioned hard work.


Art of Online Retail

Shopping was once a day long activity where the family left the house in the morning, browsed through the various shops and decided on where to go and what to buy. There was always time spent on trying new stuff on, checking out accessories, buying items based on need as well as whatever suits their whims and fancy. This was often followed by a grand lunch and more shopping. But now everything is just a click away and thanks to the bad roads or heavy traffic few venture out for shopping.


This change in scenario opened the avenue for a lot of change. Whatever you want, it is available online. All you have to do is choose what you want, place the order online, make the payment and wait for it to be delivered in a matter of few days based on your location.

Along with the competition, the online retailers realised that they have to fight the battle and showcase the best of the products in the most pleasing way, something that will closely resemble the experience the shopper gets while shopping the old school fashion. In the case of online shopping, images are everything. Since the shopper cannot touch or feel the object, s/he has to rely solely on the images. The images hence will have to be blemish free and every aspect of the image has to be picture perfect. This can seldom be the case with product photography as they never know where it going to land, the layout of the page, the colour combination of the page and such. In this scenario post shoot image manipulation becomes mandatory.

PRODUCT IMAGE CLIPPING SERVICES have now become a niche service area where people are trained to work on images after the shoot. It start with, as the name suggests, isolating the image of the product from the background. This can vary from being a simple process depending on the product to a very arduous task all depending on the product. Once the image is clipped it is free to be worked on so that it would gel with the background it will finally rest on.

Once the image of the product is clipped, it is now time to remove the background which prevents the image from breathing in the cluttered, dull surroundings. BACKGROUND REMOVAL SERVICES in short refers to the background from the isolated central image. One has to keep in consideration the fact that the central image always works along with the background it rests on. It can be due to a very flashy background which takes the attention away from the central images, cluttering in the background or an unpleasant background that does not compliment the central image. This can also be due to the colors in the background. This service ensures that the image rests on something that is pleasing to the eye and in turn results in highlighting the theme or the purpose of the central image.


With the developments in technology there is a lot that can be done design wise, say to create a logo or theme for a website. One of the most often used one is IMAGE TRACING SERVICES. This can be defined as something akin to tracing over an image and getting the outlines marked.


These simple techniques along with the skill of a technician can do wonders to your image and in turn to your online business. Goodluck and good wishes to making a dramatic change to your website and your life in general.

Righting the Wrong in Images

The fact that the all images have a unique story to narrate is something we all agree upon. But one thing we need to factor in is whether the images are able to do so or not. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when an image is being clicked, and if are to apply Murphy`s Law it will go wrong too. It just depends on how many things go wrong in that fraction of a second when the image is being clicked.

Images are the only way to beat mortality, the one constant that you can leave behind for centuries to come. And since this is the case, why would anyone want to leave something ridden with flaws behind. With the latest softwares in place, there is a lot that can be achieved with the help of a skilled software artist.

The errors caused due to the external elements or due to an error in judgement by the person behind the camera is not an unique issue with amateur photographers alone. These are part of the shooting experiments. But do not fret, these images can be worked on post shoot and this makes a whole world of difference.

These errors or flaws in an image can be broadly classified into sections, and in this world where the visuals are given prime importance, there are multiple tried and tested ways in which these flaws can be worked upon. PHOTO ENHANCEMENT SERVICES refer to the process of enhancing an image and removing all the aspects that draw the attention away from the story the image is trying to narrate. Some of the most loved images are not staged, and when images are shot randomly without the aid of the people in the image, a lot can go wrong. In the case of an event, the people involved are busy with the event and the photographer is forced to work alone and click away as many images as s/he can and then engage in post shoot image manipulation.

Photo enhancement again is divided into some sub sections so that working around it becomes easier. The most popular of them all is PORTRAIT ENHANCEMENT SERVICES. Portraits are the pictures of a person, and more often than not they are close up shots too. These are usually framed and displayed prominently and hence have to be a work of art in itself. The entire process revolves around highlighting the object of the image and it employs various methods whereby which the portrait can be made cherishable. This is a layered process and might involve one or more than one of the following steps – converting black and white to colour, giving the portrait a vintage retro look, or a sepia tone. There are also other techniques used called duo tone, vignette and soft focus which help in bringing a portrait to life. This is a specialised field and a lot of simple techniques are used to enhance the image.


One image that all of us would cherish would be a wedding portrait, a tradition that will never die down. Some of us still have the wedding pictures of our grandparents, parents and of course our own. A wedding is considered important because it marks the beginning of a new life. But what happens behind the scenes of the wedding pictures are a different story altogether. Weddings are ridden with issues, tensions, surprises – some good and some not so memorable. The photographer has to work in the middle of all this and as is the case with life, there are no retakes and nothing can be staged either. Enter the boon called WEDDING PHOTO ENHANCEMENT SERVICES. These services help in highlighting what you might want to look at decades later and reminiscence about the brilliant memories.


Hire technicians who can work on your images post shoot and fill your house/office space with images that make you want to smile every moment of your life.


Perfecting an Image

It is very easy for all of us rattle on and on about how an image is the copy of the object/person and how it should be doctored. But to be fair to the people who will swear by post shoot image enhancements, there is nothing called an exact copy of the person, no matter how developed your camera might be. There is a lot at play and many things can go wrong.


The beauty of the person largely in many cases depends on a blemishless skin and the health and sleep patterns of the person prior to the image. These are ever changing and it is not fair to have an image where the person looks less than their best. Consider it a bad day and compare it with the application of makeup to conceal a bad night or a sudden illness. This has been perfected as an art by the modern day image manipulators and is referred to as SKIN RETOUCHING SERVICES. This is largely used in the case of close up shots, in portraits and rather surprisingly the fashion industry where the quirkier it gets the better it is  as can be clearly seen in the ads for beauty products with a `before` and `after` set of images. This process includes working on the skin, removing blemishes and dark circles, adding or removing a mole and it even helps in changing the tone of the makeup used by the model.


If you are not happy with just these, and would love to play god with an image even that can be achieved with the help of BEAUTY RETOUCHING SERVICES. This process takes the concept of image manipulation to the next level and helps you work on the image to bring out that perfect jaw line, nose, cheekbones and more. It does not end there either. You can even work on the image, mould the physique to the curvy size zero image that you have always dreamt of, those willowy legs and more. In short you can change every aspect of the image and can come up with that perfect beauty who will sell your products or look good  on your hoardings. And for those who love to blow-up their own images, this works pretty well.


The truth be told, seldom do images get processed in the labs without the aid of some of these services. Let it be your group photo, your wedding or for that matter image from any event needs a little help post shoot. The fact being a little aid is not bad when it comes to images you will go back to often.


When it comes to old images, there is a lot they lack in. These might often have been stored in not so great a condition, or it might even be too late by the time you dig these images from an old box. These might often be the last fading memory of someone you loved or a point in time you always want to go back to. PHOTO RETOUCHING SERVICES help you restore your old images and will restore it to its original beauty. The tears and scars and dirt on the old images can all be removed and can be saved using modern day software.


It might never be a picture perfect world, but your images with the help of these software can be the dream picture that you have always wanted.


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