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What is Image Tracing?


Image tracing plays a huge role in creating a design from an object or even the image of an object. Tracing can be explained as the process of creating what would look like drawings from normal images. The simplest thing is to trace over the pixels and to mark these as reference points, and then we can trace over these and create and outlines, and can demarcate the different areas in the drawing.


In simple terms we can compare it to tracing an image using a tracing paper on top of an image. With this we have the outline of the image. This process of converting an image into a line drawing/tracing is called vectorization.


Image tracing can be done either manually through freehand tracing or with the help of tracing tools. The tracing tools can be used effectively in the case of simple images which do not have too many corners and complicated/intricate designs. In such cases a combination of both these methods are to be employed.


Image Tracing is used to create graphics, logos and other animations. Image tracing can be either from an existing drawing or from that of a photograph.


It can also be used to perfectly crop an image from its background, and to trace its fine outlines with all the intricate detailing in tact.


Why Outsource Image Tracing?

Image tracing is a complicated process where the tools in the trade help to aid in tracing. As is usually the case the latest that the technology offers cannot work in isolation, these tools help in making the process easier.


There is a limit to which the tools can help with a complicated image. What is required is the tool in the hands of a skilled technician. People can be trained to achieve mastery over the tool, but that is just the beginning. There are constant updates in all these fields, and there are many tools which appear in the market constantly. There has to be someone who will keep an eye on all these developments and buy and train the ones that can be of help.


The primary aspect to be considered is the experience that people in the industry can bring to the table. This is one aspect that cannot be attained no matter how hard the individuals try.


Why Photo Editing India?

Photo Editing India is one company which offers tracing pictures, image tracing services and other services in India. The artists here use the automated tools for tracing to create an intermediate traced image which is then worked upon by the artists. The final image is what the skilled people at Photo Editing India manually work on the  outcome of the automated tracing program.


Since images are the primary tools to attract the attention of the buyers, the technicians at Photo Editing India give primary importance to tracing these images which can then be used for multiple purposes.


At Photo Editing extra care is given to set in a basic system through which the images can be easily transferred, let it be the raw images from the clients or completed images back to the clients. Extra care is also given to ensure on time delivery of the perfect images. The dedicated bunch of artists at Photo Editing India along with the infrastructure in place ensures that there are only satisfied customers who come back for more.

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