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What is ‘Merge Images’?

As the name suggests in the simplest of terms, it is the process of combining or merging two or more pictures to create one single ideal picture as required. Most common application is when one needs to merge an object or an element of one image on a differently desired background or a different element. There are also times when there are two images where particular elements have been shot extremely well and one requires to combine these elements in different picture to create that one desired picture which is ideal to communicate effectively to a potential client of yours.


This process is critical to many fields and industries, e-commerce websites, real estate websites, content websites, product companies and the like. It is a widely used technique in the image enhancement space. It is done using advanced softwares, like adobe photoshop and the like.


The process of combining or merging the desired elements from images to create one desired image is the process of merging images popularly called ‘Merge images’.


Why Outsource ‘Merging Images’ service?

Like all other image enhancement services, ‘image merge services’ calls for specialized skills and advanced training. Experts adeptly use Softwares and image enhancing techniques to merge the photos with the different elements required and ensure the final image is flawless and when viewed is seamless and natural.


The process are complex and need softwares that are expensive and need personnel who are adept at using them, else it turns out to be extensively time consuming.


Given the complexities and the cost element, it makes abundant sense to outsource this function to experts who not only maintains the desired quality but also does it fast and at a fraction of the cost


Why Photo Editing India?

Photo Editing India is among the leaders in photo merging service in India and world over. Photo Editing India is among the leading service providers in the image enhancement space and has the expertise and the experience in ‘merge image services’ which is provided to a wide cross section of clients across industries.

Photo Editing India has with them extremely talented artists who are trained and qualified technicians who are driven by an unrivalled passion to perfect images. They have a keen eye and have a heightened aesthetic sense; all this makes them very valuable and cherished resources in the image enhancement industry. They carry with them experiences of well over a decade, and have been working on images day on day and continue to work on well over three thousand images a day.


The sheer experience, quality of work and a work ethic that would make anybody proud are the reasons why Photo Editing India produces the kind of mind blowing images that it does.


Merging images is a tricky process since two or more pictures are laid on top of each other and then the desired layers are picked and used resulting in that one perfect picture. This calls for not just the skill and the ability to use the software, but an inherent eye for detail and a very keen sense of observation, which the artists at Photo Editing India display in abundance.


Add to all this priceless attributes, the best software and technology and tools money can buy with a well thought of and adequately provided IT infrastructure, that gives each and every client exclusive access to FTP file transfer, ensuring the ease of moving large image files to and back from Photo editing India. Our technicians hand hold and help set up the processes for transferring of files, once set it is as easy as dropping files in a folder on your system, the rest pretty much automatic, and you have the finished final pick in a designated folder on your system.


All this is more than enough reason for you to work with us, but the one largest reason is the quality of the images we produce, without once missing a deadline at extremely competitive prices.


Little wonder then that, no client has ever left Photo Editing India, once they have experienced our work.

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