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Murphy’s Law at work in Photography

Murphy in broad states that all that can go wrong will go wrong. In all probability, all at the same time and in a moment when you can least afford them to go wry. A phenomenon we see often and has become a part of common parlance, to say “It is Murphy at work”. Photography for sure is no exception to Murphy’s quirks and fancy. One sure can expect things to go wrong when one expects it the least or when one can afford it the least. Higher the stakes greater the chances things start going wrong.

Here is a list which by no means is an all inclusive list. Can a Murphy’s law at work list ever be complete?


  1. The tests shots were perfect, the real shoot will be a disaster and you sure did not see it coming. Is there something that you can do about it, not really, just click away and hope you can fix at least some of these during image manipulation, post shoot.
  2. The higher the stakes, closer the deadline, the more confident and excited you are about the shoot, greater are the chance of things going wrong
  3. The better the shoot greater the chance the memory card will give up on you
  4. The best shots happen in private, the worst shots in the glaring presence of the client
  5. When you really need a tripod is when you would not have carried it.
  6. The best opportunities for shots be it people or animals are sure to happen when you are not ready for it or least prepared for it.
  7. The best potential shots will happen to you only and only when you have not carried your camera
  8. Perfect conditions last just till the moment you set the shot up, they are sure to vanish the moment you are ready to click away
  9. The moment you pack up, the said perfect conditions are bound to return.
  10. Your battery charge is sure to give away in the middle of a shoot, the day your spare batteries are not charged
  11. You will drop the lens only and only when you have not put the hood on it
  12. The lens you drop and drop without the hood is sure to be the lens you need most
  13. Even if you dropped your lense on a pillow, a rock would have found its way onto the pillow


Have all of this happened to one single person, maybe, maybe not. Though one can be  sure that as a photographing community all of this has for sure happened, if not let us call it poetic license, ok maybe not poetry, maybe we could call it Murphy’s license to exaggerate a tad bit. The idea is not to feel dejected about it, but to take this in stride and know that there is nothing you could have done that would have changed the course of events. Everybody and mark it, everybody goes through these lows, just don`t lose your heart and miss out on a photographic moment due to this.






















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