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Perfect images, now a reality!

There are a few things that can replace experience, or even dream of compensating for the lack experience. One such thing is the development in the software division and how they can aid in bridging the gap that someone who is new to the field might face. In the world of photographers especially, it is all about the experience one tends to gain on the field. This makes it all the more worse because unlike any other area, photography is seldom staged unless we are talking about photoshoots in a controlled environment.

With the boom in the online services, people have realised how they can make do without having to seek the help of a professional when it comes to buying or selling stuff. This though has its benefits is a field where there is a lot lacking when it comes to understanding the finer details of what can be broadly called advertising.

The most common of the lot are hoards of people trying to buy or sell houses online. Realty sector online is also booming. But there are a few basic things everyone needs to be aware of when it comes to advertising online. More than the words the one element that can call the attention of the potential clients are the images and the presentation. Everything else is secondary. Once the images pass the initial scrutiny the clients focus their attention on the rest of the details on the page. Now that we have established how important the images are, it is time to check out the most common issues and the ways to mend them.

Since a room to be showcased in its entirety needs to be shot at a wide angle, most of the images of houses on sale online seem cluttered and does not call out to the home lovers. The amateurs take images of the various sides of the room and they tend to put it up on the site as it is. But with the REAL ESTATE IMAGE STITCHING SERVICES IN INDIA`s help, these regular images can stitched together or in layman’s terms combined together for that one uber cool wide angle picture which gives the client a better understanding of the layout of the house.

Another technique to create a lasting impression on a client’s mind is what is called panorama enhancement. High-dynamic-range panorama images are a sure shot way to grab eye balls in the realty business. These images leave very little to the imagination and since images speak more than words, a lot of care needs to be given to see that these images are given all the care and attention it needs. Even the slightest error, low lighting or an ill-lit corner can bungle the wholesome effect of the image. HDR PANORAMA ENHANCEMENT in INDIA has created a niche for itself by producing some Class A artists who can transform a regular 180° / 360° image to a work of art. This includes working on the sharpness, color saturation, density, and exposure of the image to name a few.

HDR IMAGE BLENDING SERVICES are a boon to the realty sector that is constantly trying to find new ways to push the boundaries of online advertising to give a realistic feel of the property they are trying to sell. Everyone is a photographer in this age and these images and a skilled artist is all you need to promote your home to a potential buyer. The blending services works on the simple formula that there are good and bad areas in each image. Blending services take in all the images of a fixed room/property and blend all the good parts from each image to come up with the final image which comprises of only the good sections.

Employ these simple ideas and your home/property will soon find a new owner who is worthy of the place.


Baby Steps Towards Photo Manipulation

No one is sure of whether to call this the Golden Age of Photography or whether it is the other way around. With the developments in technology everyone is equipped with a camera at all times, in the form of a mobile phone or a simple aim and shoot camera which does not need a veteran behind the lens to capture the image. All these provide images in the RAW format which when analysed by a `skilled technician` can go through a remarkable transformation, nothing short of pure magic.

The skilled technician is none other than a software expert who has the basic sense of colour balance and contrasts in an image. Most of these images would have a lot more to be desired as these are images clicked in automatic settings in the camera. The contrast, light and the angles might not gel with the mood of the image. This is not the case with just these simple cameras but also that of any image clicked by any camera, no matter how high it might be, there is still a lot of work that happens thanks to the aid of a computer software, and a skilled technician. It would be safe to say that any image that is clicked will never be perfect as the settings are never perfect in the real world.

The photographers are constantly at war with the elements of nature to click that moment in time when things are at its beautiful best. The images are set in a background with a story to narrate and the backdrop of an image is as important as the central object of the shot. Since there are multiple elements at stake, post photoshoot work is a must to bring out the best in the image.

The first step towards this process is a simple process that decides the fate of the image, something that has been outsourced and PHOTO CLIPPING SERVICES in INDIA have carved a niche for themselves. This is usually the first step in photo manipulation where the central image along with the elements of the image that one wants to retain are clipped out or cut out of an image. These elements are then given a background and the other necessary aspects to make it a whole. This process of clipping ideally defines the way forward and has to done perfectly without jagged edges and the like.

But this process of photo clipping starts with the laying a path for the same. This process called clipping path has been developed as an art form by itself and PHOTO CLIPPING PATH SERVICES in INDIA are known for their value for money and timeliness. These can be simple clipping paths or intricate ones depending on the layout and texture of the object that is shot. These processes can be done with the help of softwares or for a fool-proof, error-free job it can also be done manually which minimises the error margin drastically.

Once the basic has been set with photo clipping path which helps to clip an image, the third and the final process in this basic training would be to discuss the IMAGE MASKING SERVICES IN INDIA. This can be defined as removing the clipped image from the unsavoury background and placing it on a background of your choice. This helps the central image to shine its best without the background holding it back and tying it down with a rather dull background.

These software are available on the net and one can test these out and can train themselves to be experts in the field without any outside help. Now that you know the three simple steps, go, shoot and experiment.

Art of Product Photography

The world is fast moving towards a system where people can use their internet connection and go about doing everything- let it be paying bills, shopping for FMCG or

clothes/accessories/gadgets, buying or selling products/houses – you name it, and it can be done online. This makes the everyday chores so much more easy and also gives the buyer a chance to checkout the items online and compare notes. The one thing that the online retailers need to be aware of is the shortcut to making sure your product is showcased in such a way that it has some edge over other similar products online.

The one factor that can grab the attention of a prospective client/buyer online is through images, images that are attractive, clear, something that stands out, in short an image that can call out the attention of the buyer and make him go through the page to see if it is what he wants, if it fits his budget and more. There are innumerable choices online when it comes to buying anything.

The beauty of the system is that anybody can be a buyer and the same goes for the seller. As someone who is trying to sell something, what you need to do primarily is to make sure the images of the product online are good. Once you have decided on what to sell, make sure you get a good image of the product/house. Now comes the important bit, considering you followed the basics of photography and you have crossed 50% of the hurdle. The remaining 50% depends on how you handle the image post shoot. All images need post-shoot work done and that is the fact. Even professional photographers have to go through the images and depending on where the images are placed, a lot has to be done on the image.

If you are aware of the basics of photo clipping and image path it is easy. PRODUCT PHOTO CLIPPING in INDIA took a turn for the best in the last decade or so when special efforts were made to make sure this is a specialized field and it was treated as an art form by itself. Product photo clipping refers to removing the central image of the product from the background. There is a lot of reasons why this becomes essential.

An image when it is ready to be showcased ceases to be an independent entity and becomes a part of the showcasing space, let it be on a website, brochure, a hoarding, magazines or a newspaper, you name it. There is a lot of difference and work that goes into it to make it part of the whole. This is where the software experts come in. Once the product is isolated from the background it rests on, it can be modified depending on where it goes to land.

The other alternate to product clipping is another important process that helps in freeing the product from the cluttering background. This is another field where a lot of research and expertise has gone into in India. BACKGROUND REMOVAL SERVICES in INDIA is a boon to all the photographers and online retailers around the world. The central image of the product is removed from the background and is set in a background which helps in accentuating the qualities of the product in a such a way that it blends with the theme and structure of the entire layout.

These can be used when we are using an image directly to showcase the product. But in this era where there is a lot to choose from, comes the process of Image Tracing. The process as the name suggests refers to tracing over the image or a product to come up with a graphical version, animation or a logo. This can be done either manually or using softwares. But IMAGE TRACING SERVICES in INDIA have gone a step further and use both the methods in tandem based on the complexity of the image.

Once you have mastered these ways of photo manipulation it would be easy to churn out product images without much difficulty.

What is an Ideal Portrait?

Ever thought about whether a great face made a great subject or a mediocre one? Well, there is nothing called an ideal subject when it comes to photography, the photographer has to concentrate on spinning an interesting story or an idea through an image. Any image ideally should be a standalone image with a heart and a theme.

A lot of things can go wrong while you are shooting the image of a human being. Some of them can be very embarrassing and some unavoidable. But whatever let the reason be, there is a lot that can be done to remove the blemishes off these images.

Working on the images include working on multiple levels, embellishing, enhancing and highlighting the better qualities in the pictures and removing the blemishes and unwanted elements that mar the mood of the image. IMAGE ENHANCEMENT SERVICES in INDIA have gone a step further and treat this as an art by itself. The trained technicians can spot what works and what does not work, and can work on the image without changing the look and feel of the image. They retain the subject/theme as it is and just work around the settings and the negative zones in the image to make sure each and every part of the image blends with the image as a whole and contributes to the look and feel of the image as a whole.

There are different layers to the process of Image Enhancement. For instance, in the case of a portrait the approach towards enhancing it differs from the rest. Ideally the portraits are images of an individual more so the head, shoulder or torso upward. Depending on the input from the client there is a lot that can be done when it comes to PORTRAIT RETOUCHING SERVICES. Most of the clients are people who want to add some colour to a Black and White image at the same time retaining the old world. There will always be takers for the black and white images in any era. There are people who like to transform the current generation images to that of a retro feel. Giving a sepia tone to the image is also in vogue. These are just some of the ways in which portraits can be worked upon, this is a section by itself that you should give credit to and try and follow in depth.

Another genre by itself would be the wedding images. All of us have been at one time or the other sat down mesmerized by the images our grandparents have preserved. Wedding images are a
class apart maybe due to the emotions running high or the brilliant designs or may be even the vibes of the guests contribute a lot towards the hold these images have on the people. But the day of the wedding is scary scenario for any photographer as these are all images that are captured while the events are in motion and the photographer gets very few instances for a retake. So the only hope in these situations are to click away as the events are in process and then hand them over to a skilled artist or to the WEDDING PHOTO EDITING SERVICES in INDIA.

If you can master these techniques any and every image can be an ideal portrait and it does not have to depend on the object of the shoot and in case of portraits the beauty of the subject of the image. With these in mind, you are free to click images without much worry and expand your collection of images and give them to the artists on the computer who would make the image come to life in his skilled hands.

Why is retouching essential?

Beauty is skin deep, all of us are aware of this and we can wax about it for long. But when it comes to clicking our own image and finding the image with dark patches and uneven skin tone, cannot be easy on anyone. More than the quality of the skin, more often than not all these can be attributed to the amount of rest the person got before the day of the shoot and also a lot depends on the brightness, contrast and angle of the shoot.

This is very common in all kinds of images, from a normal get together image to a passport size image for documentation or for an ID card. To give some justice while retaining the central image, a lot can be done to remove these blemishes.

PHOTO RETOUCHING SERVICES in INDIA has gone in depth and analysed the different ways in which we can uplift an image. The colour, the texture, dark circles under the eyes and the rest can often ruin an image. These are not essentially flaws in the subject but rather flaws on that given day that could have been avoided with the help of a good makeup artist. That is exactly what this service offers. A chance to hide the blemishes using software which have been developed for the same. This is a process that is the lifeblood of the fashion and makeup industry. More often than not, there is a need to shock the audience to create a sense of awareness through advertisements. These success of these industries depend largely on making the people realise why they need to buy the product. For the same, they use models and add blemishes to highlight the before/after set of images.

This simple process can also help to remove the blemishes in everyday images, wedding images and images shot on a bad day as far as the subject is considered. The modern software does not stop with this. It aids even in creating the ideal image when it comes to symmetry, eyes, length of the chin, the bone structure and more. The BEAUTY RETOUCHING SERVICES IN INDIA, has come a long way and can work around any image and make it picture perfect. Beauty is skin deep, but technology can modify any image and give it the perfect treatment. It brings out the perfect face, physique, you name it and we can give it to you, thanks to the expertise in this field. There are many tools that can aid us in the same, but to reach the ideal standards of beauty we need expertise over these tools and artist who has a classic idea about the norms of beauty in its various forms.

Once the above techniques are used, it is always best to try and crop the image. PROFESSIONAL PHOTO CROPPING in INDIA has become a much talked about service in the field of photography. This is used to rectify the misalignment in an image, to bring about symmetry in the image or even to remove some unwanted bits in the image which works against the effect of the central image. These simple steps makes a world of difference to your image and can help you grab attention with nothing but the help of images. These near perfect images will succeed in getting the attention and hence will force them to read or glance through what you are trying to advertise thereby improving your chances of selling anything by more than 70%.

Anyone can try these tools and work towards making every image the perfect image.

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