Professional Photo Editing Services in India: Enhance Your Images with Expert Precision


What is Photo manipulation?

Digital Image manipulation is the process by which the look and feel of an image is enhanced along with changing the different elements involved in the image for an overall aesthetic and emotional appeal.


Image manipulation can change the story of an image. A good image aids in grabbing the attention of the audience. Let it be the images on any website or on billboards or even via the magazines or brochures.


Ever looked at an image and wished you had worked on the exposure, brightness and had a better contrast?

Or have you looked at your favorite image and wished a certain someone was not in it? Or better still do you think you want to add someone who was absent to your photograph? You name it and it can be changed and modified to blend with the entire photograph in this era. All it takes is someone who is well versed in Photo Manipulation technology and has an eye for detail.


Given the nature and scope of the implications the need for photo manipulation are far and wide and across various fields of work professional and amateur.


Why outsource Photo manipulation?

In this age where the competition is high in every field possible, the quality of the product and its marketing is of prime importance. Whatever be the business you are in; photography, e-commerce, magazines, ad agencies, industries that need to showcase its products to a wide audience, or even the print media, images are the primary steps towards the success of any venture.


Can technology aid in image enhancement? Yes, but technology is just the tool, and what you need now is a skillful artist to work on an image with the help of technology. There is no better teacher than experience either, so it is beneficial to outsource the images for Photo manipulation to an efficient company whose core function is to work with pictures, to improve and beautify images and do so with a relentless drive and passion.


Why Photo Editing India?
Photo manipulation involves various complicated processes. Each skilled artist in Photo Editing India analyzes each aspect of the image and decide on one or more of the following options to better the image, little wonder then that Photo Editing India is among the leading companies in digital photo manipulation


  • Add/Remove People
  • Remove distractions from Picture
  • Red Eye correction
  • Contrast Correction
  • Exposure Correction
  • Merge images
  • Collage creation
  • White Balance and Color Correction
  • Background Change



Images which are a slice of life is not perfect just as life is not. But thanks to the developments in modern day science a lot can be changed in a image at the skilled hands of a professional. And digital photo manipulation that Photo Editing India provides is one of the best in the field.


The people who work with Photo Editing India have an eye for detail and are always on the quest to bring out the best in any image. Based on the clients` need, the image editors will add a person to the existing image or remove someone who is part of the image, without marring beauty of the raw image.


There are times when the central theme of the image is foiled by the background of the image or something in the background that might overpower the image. The experts in Photo Editing India go through every image and correct these aspects by removing few of the unnecessary elements or enhancing them.


At other times rather on most occasions when shooting people or animals it is common to have the pupils turn different shades of red. This leaves the picture flawed and garish needing Red eye correction to have the image rectified and usable.


Photographers and photography operate on colors and it balance; One looks for the blacks, the whites and the greys. The intensity of the primary colors typically red, green and blue needed to be balanced to ensure the lighter and neutral shades come through in the image clearly and correctly. This need for Color correction is served, by advanced softwares and tools in the hand of experts carrying out what they call White balance, also called by some as gray balance or neutral balance.


Shooting pictures in relatively uncontrolled environs, in the outdoors, during failing light and various other challenges and limitations that tend to pop at the most awkward moments which does not allow the flexibility of time to re-shoot forces photographers to work a best as possible in the given conditions and shoot pictures that lead to over or under exposure given various factors in the field. The experts at Photo Editing India with years of experience behind them coupled with a passion to perfect images carry out the necessary exposure correction to transform the pictures from not so good to amazing. These very same professionals have the expertise in transforming pictures with flawed contrasts using contrasts corrections. Professional Photographers send images and the experts at Photo Editing India work on them with great finesse and skill to turn them into the perfect picture that it was meant to be in minds of the photographer.


To all of this add the state of art technology and software Photo Editing India uses, the end result is nothing short of magic. A magic made from a lot of passion, hard work, skill and all which is ably aided by the best in technology. Photo Editing India provides all its clients big and small quality service with high standards of infrastructure.


Ensured by building in redundancy in servers and connectivity making sure that no deadline are missed and provides turn around times that can be only called a dream come true. Each client is provided with the facility to FTP (transfer file securely and quickly) their big image files and have them returned to a system on their folder after all the pictures are worked on and perfected. This leaves the client with no worry of hiring experts or acquiring the costly and advanced softwares for the task and are saved the trouble of identifying, evaluating  technology and softwares and then keeping them updated.


Little wonder then that Photo Editing India has never had to watch the back of a client since it opened its doors for business in the summer 2009.








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