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Photo Editing In India

Photo Editing services in India is fast growing into a niche that is being recognised and respected globally. The vast talent pool that generates consistent quality and turnaround times that is the envy of many. The time zone differences with the western world also helps in the overall turnaround times for the photographer from the time of completion of the shoot and the submission of the final pictures. The growing penetration of broadband and connectivity through out India helps their cause no end. Most of the metros and tier two cities have fast internet at very competitive prices allowing the photo editing services companies to build Information & Technology infrastructure provides easy file transfer facility to their clients through FTP servers, making the overall process convenient fast and hassle free. Most professional photographers tend to shoot in RAW format creating large sized files. With such heavy images and large file sizes IT infrastructure plays a key role. India is fast turning out to be among the leaders in the realty industry, making Real Estate Photo Editing in India one among the prime drivers of business.  This encomposes all the services that the Real estate industry world over tend to require on a regular basis, among the many services availed Color cast removal in India is probably the most often availed service. Not surprising that many countries in the western world more so in europe and eurasia have prolonged periods of weather that is cloudy and leaves a photographer shooting in failing light with sharp deadlines and no hope of clear bright weather. The large uncertainty and varying light and the inherent nature of the equipment means that the photographs are bound to have a color cast that will need correction. Both color correction and white balancing. All this given that the eye and the camera do not behave the same and perceive colors differently in differing brightness. The eye is dynamic in the way it perceives bright colors and in bright conditions. The relation to brightness and the way the eye perceives these colors are not linear as the camera tends to be. These factors leave the images requiring to be corrected for color as it very likely that one of the primary colors leave an overall cast on the picture. Or the white and grey scales are imperfect require white scale balancing or as some call grayscale balancing. These are specialised services largely used by the real estate industry world over and photo editing companies in India are able to service this requirements at lightning speeds, with outstanding precision and quality at highly enviable prices that most find difficult to resist.

Little wonder then that India is fast emerging as the most desired hub for Real estate websites, Real estate companies and more importantly professional real estate photographers to send their images to be worked upon and perfected. Is it not any photographers dream come true to watch the images he or she shot to be perfected and for it match with the image they perceived and wanted to capture while they were composing the frame for the shot.



Real estate photo editing services in India

Outsourcing of the Photo editing function has by far established itself as being among the most viable options in the image editing field. More so specifically real estate photo editing. Among the many companies and geographies real estate image editing and enhancing work is being farmed out too,India is fast emerging to be among the leaders. Some of the process and services are used more by the real estate industry to the extent that some services like the ‘Photo sky change services’ seem to be exclusive to the real estate Industry along with few other like photo blending and perspective correction. Both perspective correction changes in India and photo blending services in India are done extensively in tandem with sky change. All these are reasonably complex process. We will try to briefly understand broadly what these process attempt to do. Starting with the relatively easier service to comprehend – Sky change service. As the name suggests it is a process in which the sky in the photographers is changed or replaced with an image of a different sky. The overall photograph of a building or of the property owes a lot to not only to the overall light but largely to the depiction of the sky in the photograph. A dark grey cloudy sky rarely is inspiring in a real estate photo. For the overall property and the building to be showcased, a bright sunny clear blue sky is the ideal, maybe sprinkled with a few light clouds, allowing the light  and shadows to play on the landscape.Many parts of the world is not blessed with long duration of bright clear skies and the photoshoot can not wait for the skies to be the perfect blue. The times that we live in and the leaps and bound digital imaging technology has made allows us to rest easy. The image editing experts who provide sky change services pick and choose the ideal and most suitable sky for the property and building photograph and use it instead of the sky in the original picture. The blending process is when the photographer has shot the same subject in varying exposures and differing equipment settings. The editing experts take all the photographs shot and then analyse them and work on each of them layer by layer and then blend the different layers together to create one perfect photograph. Hence the name, the final image is the product of the blend of many photographs. The other real estate service or process we had mentioned was the perspective correction. In this process the horizontal and the vertical lines are mapped and corrected. The error or flaw largely occurs when shooting tall structure or buildings. There i an appearance of the top half of the building or tower falling over. This happens when the shooting plane and the object being shot are not parallel. This process of correction of the textual and linear perspective is called perspective correction and is extremely critical in real estate photography and real estate image editing services. Given that most real estate projects today are high rise and tall building and structures often need to be photographed and showcased. All these mentioned service are very significant in real estate image editing and enhancing process and all of them are carried out by experts and professionals in the photo editing service companies. There many such specialised companies operating in India who seem to be doing extremely well and carving out a clear leadership position globally.



Blending and Stitching Images

In real estate image editing blending and stitching images play a very important role in various fields, but probably none more than in the field of real estate photography. Where all blending, stitching and panoramic stitching play extremely critical roles. They are critical for multiple reasons. Blending largely ensure that all pictures and elements in a photograph have the right texture, tone, color and all such attributes. The process of blending ensures that each element complements the other and in turn create the perfect picture. The process itself is relatively complex, where in the photographer shoots multiple images of the subject by far in the RAW format. The experts who are trained and skilled in image enhancement use advanced softwares to analyse each of the photographs and unmask them layer by layer and identify what is perfect and what is same as how the human eye would perceive it. The differences between the way the human eye perceives the image and how the camera captured it are reconciled. The best from each images is used, cross pollinated to create that one perfect image. Which is so very critical to the overall selling process in the real estate industry. The HDR image blending services in India are very competitive and deliver the quality that matches if not surpasses the service and quality provided globally. The blending process compliments and at times goes hand in hand with the stitching services. Many a times before the images are stitched together to create the final desired image each of the component or image to be stitched is itself a product of blending. As in each component or element is shot in varying parameters then blended to create the final image. The final images of each section is then stitched together to form the larger picture. This is typically done when the subject is large and can not be captured effectively in one shot. So each section of the larger picture is shot individually, perfected and then stitched together to give the viewer a complete view of the subject. given that the subject in real estate photography is by far a large building, or property, or large interiors of the building. It becomes critical to capture the overall view in one image to captivate and sow seeds of interest in the viewers mind. Just like image blending image stitching in India is also a very competitive service that competes globally on the count of quality, reliability, speed and price. HDR panorama enhancement is another service that is equally critical and is complimentary. While panorama enhancement or stitching involves using multiple images to create one. Panorama stitching helps the viewer get the whole picture. Where in the object is too large and hence three or four components are shot and stitched to give the whole view. Where as in image stitching technique around eight to ten images are used and stitched together to give the viewer an overall walkthrough kind of exposure with a 360 degree view of the interiors. Thus though the three process differ from each other in some ways, they all involve multiple images shot and worked on to create the final perfect picture. In the case of blending it is the same subject shot in varying parameters and the images blended to create the final image. In stitching and panorama stitching multiple images are sewn together to give the complete view be it the whole property or be it a visual tour through a 360 degree view.





Product Image enhancement services in India

Product photography is a very specialised field. In this day and time when e-commerce is growing exponentially. We as a society across cross section are beginning to spend a significantly large amount of our time online on the internet. Brands and products are not cognizant to the reality and not only looking to sell online but to market and grow their brands across online platforms be they on the internet or mobile based apps. One critical cog for any brand of products online strategy to work is high quality images. Images that showcase the product effectively and create a desire and aspiration to acquire or buy the product. High quality images are equally critical in growing a brand or the idea. The image needs to communicate the product features and its applications effectively to ensure that the customer know what he or she is purchasing and has a fair idea about the dimensions, features ,attributes and so on. All this is done with the aid of images largely accompanied by text doing the rest. Little wonder then that product photography is highly specialised and in great demand globally. In todays age and time photography goes hand in hand with image editing and image enhancements, it is only natural then that product image editing and enhancements has become a specialisation in its own right. With professional and image editing experts across the globe at times specialising and working exclusively on product images and largely contribute in the overall selling process and hence greatly valued by e-commerce websites, product companies and brands alike. With the fast changing landscape of the industry and a largely accepted process of image editing and enhancement being outsourced to experts and professionals around the globe, India is fast capturing the imagination of this market and services global e-commerce companies. Like in the other sectors where processes are outsourced in image editing and enhancement too, India delivers quality with fast turn around times at extremely competitive rates. Making Indian companies in product editing significant global players. The skilled and trained professionals who are adept and experienced in using the latest softwares and the latest versions of photoshop are able to edit and perfect images not only for the digital medium but the print medium too. Like in every vertical there are always a few significant process that adds value and hence become important and paramount. In image editing and enhancement image clipping service is one among one such service. The image of the product is clipped and enhanced if required, where in tone texture and color are corrected and then merged with the ideal background which highlights and showcases the product best. Clipping path services in India are not only provided at extremely competitive prices but are done at a quality which is enviable. Once the path is traced and the images clipped, the next critical process is of ‘mask image’ where image is worked upon layer by layer and either masked or unmasked as required to ensure that the product looks at its best and the perfect image is created. These three services pretty much form bulwark of image editing and enhancement services in product photography.




Clipping & Removing Background


In image editing for product photography background removal is critical. For many a times the photographer has stiff deadlines and focuses on getting the shot of the product right in the confidence that the in the image enhancement and editing phase the image editing experts will carry out product photo clipping by tracing pictures of the product  and then remove photo background and find the perfect background to highlight the product or the subject of the photograph. At time the the subject is not the product alone but could include the model or an additional subject too. It becomes very critical for the image editing and enhancement professionals to perfect the subject using the various techniques at his or her disposal. They would need to blend, correct contrasts, balance the colors and the greys, if red eye correction is required they would need to carry that out. In short they first would trace the pick, clipp the product and the subjects on the photographs and then perfect it in every aspect. There would be skin touch ups required if there is a model involved as i likely with garments, personal care products at times and the likes. They analyse the image and asses if they need to mask or unmask layers to get the right texture and tone. Once that is done the image enhancement experts look for the perfect background. Which would largely depend on the color composition of the product itself and the subjects in the image. By far the background would be neutral light colors could be a white or even a grey. Unless the product itself is of a very light color and would be lost in the overall scheme of things. If so they would then choose the appropriate contrast. The experts would also need to consider the medium. Look if the image is being used on a digital medium or newsprint or a glossy, or blown poster or large hoarding. These would be critical inputs to the work they do. Given today most images are likely to be used in the digital medium the image enhancement professional would need to factor in the over look and feel of the website or mobile application. The product image sure needs to complement with the over color schema of the website and at the same time stand out to ensure that the product images and the product catches the eye and interests of the potential buyers out there. Given the huge competition between products and the websites quality images does end up being a huge differentiator and the art of ensuring that the pictures have the product showcased and highlighted and ensures that the images captures the interests of the potential buyers and the browsers helping increase the sale.

No doubt then that product photography along with product image editing and enhancement  are not only here to stay but are critical and the end up being the differentiators and the process here in that make large contributions to make a image perfect is the process of clipping and then enhancing the image and subsequently marrying it to the perfect background.



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