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Portrait Enhancement


What is Portrait Enhancement?

As the name goes, it is a process in which one uses software and advanced tools to enhance or improve a portrait and make it more attractive and beautiful. Portrait enhancement is the process by which the object of the image is highlighted and made desirable. There are various techniques used to make a portrait aesthetically more beautiful and desirable.


More importantly what is a portrait? The dictionary meaning roughly reads to say that a portrait is a depiction, drawing, painting, engraving or the picture of a person more so the head, shoulder or torso upward. We focus on the picture and the digital image part and it by far still remains true to the definition.


A portrait is the picture of a person, generally portraits are cherished and showcased, in terms are the framed and displayed. Hence it is critical that portraits are attractive, tastefully done and communicates a sense of `feel good`. This is done by various means. All pictures shot are never perfect that apart there various techniques to create effects on the image to ensure that the object is highlighted in a desirable attractive fashion.


The process becomes key not only in the space where photographers specialize in people and portraits but also in brand building, and other showcasing elements by entities like real estate websites or products websites where in they use people to represent them or use them to communicate their story, anywhere when a single person is used to highlight or tell a story this becomes a critical required function or process.


This whole process pretty much encompasses Portrait Enhancement or portrait retouching.


Why Outsource Portrait Enhancement?

The process of Portrait Enhancement, is complex and requires training and skill to use tools and softwares for enhancing Digital images and be aware of the various features and techniques to be able to make portraits perfect. They also need to have the ability to advise on what kind of modification or changes is ideal given the overall composition of the image and the attributes of the object.


Many photographers are aware of the tools and techniques, but it could be time consuming for them to make the enhancements, further the softwares and tools involved are expensive and the changes and choices make things further complicated.

Given these complexities, the time factor and the cost factor, it makes sense to give the images to experts who provide portrait enhancement services.


Why Photo Editing India?

At Photo Editing India you will find artists and technicians who are driven by a deep passion to work with and perfect images. They have an experience of well over a decade working on images and portraits. The artists here are well trained, skilled and have a keen eye and high value for aesthetics, making them the best set of professionals for you to trust your images and portraits with. This is one of the reasons why Photo Editing India is among the leading portrait editing services in India and the world over.


Apart from these precious attributes and capable team of professionals that go on to make your image perfect, Photo Editing India supports the team with the best of image enhancement softwares, be it  photoshop or autodesk or any of the like. They ensure that their team has the latest versions and the most advanced tools to work with. This coupled with a robust infallible IT infrastructure ensures ease of operations in every which way including the ease of transferring the heavy and big image files using FTP file transfers provided to each and every client.


Some of the most commonly used techniques and effects on portrait enhancement are:

  • Black and White – Convert the portrait to an image giving it a classy old world feel
  • Retro – Muted colors, giving the portrait a vintage look
  • Sepia – Giving it a feeling of age and that of an antique photograph
  • Vignette- Highlighting the person and the face by obscuring the edges of the image
  • Soft focus – Slightly and artistically blurs the image to give it a dreamy feel
  • Duo tone – Use of two or dual colors only, highlights the object of the image and middle tones
  • Color Accent – The portrait is converted to black and white and the areas one wants to highlighted are expertly colored
  • Decorative Border – Borders are used to highlight the picture and suit the mood
  • Personalization – Add name or desired text to personalize the portrait
  • Montage – Different pictures two or three are combined to create one image


Give in your images to Photo Editing India and rest assured that they will be returned to you at their very best and perfect at extremely competitive prices and on time if not before. Would you need reasons further to work with us? Unlikely, if we were to go by what the clients think of Photo Editing India, not one of our clients have left us from the day we started business in early 2009. That alone is enough testimony of our brilliance and abilities.

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