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What is Skin Retouching?

Skin retouching as the name suggests is a process in which the skin, its color, texture and features and the color and texture on the face are enhanced and made perfect as desired.


This technique is extremely important in portraits and any set of pictures or images of people more so when the object of the picture is the face. One can see this process as being equivalent to putting on make up. It is about perfecting the image and depending on the overall mood and requirement also work on the tones and colors one wants. Many a time in the fashion industry and the apparel retail industry they want extreme or quirky looks to tell their story. All this can be achieved by the process of skin retouching.


This helps in changing skin color and tone, hair color, remove blemishes on the skin, remove dark circles, add a mole, add eye shadows maybe to match the color of the apparel or accessories and so on. This process is heavily used in the campaign for beauty products, especially in the case of before and after images (to show the effect of these products). Blemishes can be added or removed easily. The application of these techniques are wide and far both in the professional and the personal worlds.

Why outsource Skin Retouching?

This is a complex process which needs a keen eye for details and subtleties. Many a times in the fashion and apparel and e-commerce industries the same picture is enhanced with varying skin colors and tones to match the product showcased. The same image is displayed in different variations. This needs skilled and experienced personnel with advanced image enhancement softwares and tools which are expensive.


It is a time consuming process to carry out more so for people who are not experienced and well versed in the software and its features. It is best to give in your images to the experts who provide photo editing and skin retouching services at very competitive prices making the whole process efficient in terms of cost, time and quality.

Why Photo Editing India?

Photo Editing India is among the leaders in providing skin retouching and image retouching services. This is a key element for many and the experts at Photo Editing India fully realize, appreciate and respect the fact. The technicians at Photo Editing India are artists who share your vision and have a driving passion to make the images perfect, more so the portraits and faces you entrust them with. These images are returned to you as picture perfect. The subtelities of the good and not so good in the image, in terms  of skin color, skin tone, lip color, marks, dark circles, blemishes, the subtleties in the color of the eye, the construct of the nose, lips, along with your brief and desire on how the final image needs to look, are all factored in before our experts get to work on your images and perfect them. The images that are returned to you are at the their very best, they are perfect.


All these skills and attributes are backed by an unfailing and uncompromising work ethic, which is supported by the best of imaging enhancement tools, softwares and technology available on the given day. Photo Editing India stays abreast with the latest developments and updates it with the latest softwares, tools and techniques to ensure you are given the best possible images at all times. This is backed by a reliable and unfailable IT infrastructure that puts you at ease. The technicians at Photo Editing help you set up system to make the transfer of heavy and big image files a breeze. All you do is put them in a folder on your computer and the FTP file transfers setup for you does the rest.


The sheer quality of our work, will leave you asking for no other reason to continue working with us. The largest testimony to our confidence in saying so is that Photo Editing India has never had a client leave them in these many years. Rest assured, we will convert your images to perfection and have them delivered to you on time every time at prices you could only dream off.

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