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Sky Change Service

What is Sky Change?

Sky Change as the name suggests is the process of changing or modifying the sky in a picture. This is very critical and plays a very important role in Real estate photography. The overall ambience of the picture is transformed by the colour and the light quality of the sky. In many parts of the globe light quality varies drastically and the desired light and sky is not easily attainable and can not be ordered of nature. Hence the next best alternative is to change the sky to what is desirable and ideal. The process of modifying and changing the sky in a picture or when we add sky to images, more so in real estate photography is referred to as ‘Sky Change’


This is integral to the Real estate Industry as a brighter sky transforms pictures, and however great the photographer and the equipment, nature can be changed or leveraged only that much. The quality of the images and the stories they tell is what all the companies and their websites and other mediums have as their primary selling point. Hence the quality and the desirability that the images kindle in people becomes the differentiator in an extremely competitive Industry. In regions where the dull cloudy sky is the norm, waiting for a brighter day is just not a practical way forward and most times realtors and all stakeholders realize that a property that comes up for sale or rental needs to be showcased immediately and the business closed. In such cases when time is of essence and nature not supportive, Sky Change is a life saver to all.


Why outsource ‘Sky Change Services’?

All involved in the real estate space understands the criticality and importance of images and further more the importance of the right sky in their images. As much as they realize and appreciate it,  it is also well known that most pictures do not have the perfect sky. It becomes imperative then that sky can be changed and made perfect, making the images more attractive and desirable. As much Websites, Reality companies, photographers, property owners and other stakeholders might be able to carry out this function the effort, money and time that goes into doing this by far makes it a bottle neck and ill efficient. Hence outsourcing this activity to experts who provide Photo sky change services become a viable option. Since the experts have not just skill and experience to carry out the changes but also the right tools in terms of software and technology to ensure that results are of good quality and fairly good speeds.

Why Photo Editing India?

Photo Editing India caters to and specializes in Real Estate Photo Editing services, of which real estate sky change services forms an important and significant part. At Photo Editing India the technicians and artists who work with the images realize the importance the image plays in your business and share a passion to make your pictures perfect like no one else does.


They have with specialised training and experience over the years acquired the skills and knowledge to ensure that the finished pictures are as perfect as perfect can be. They have not only the skill but also the knowledge and science of images, how they are perceived and of the softwares and tools that are available at their disposal to ensure the pictures that they send back to the clients are top of the line and have skies that showcase and highlight your property to its best.


In addition to the best of professionals in the Industry Photo Editing India has the best and latest softwares be it Adobe photoshop or Autodesk or such software or tools. Add to that the overall infrastructure that ensures the process of transferring the big image files that you have shot to the experts easy. The technicians will work on them and send it back allowing you to just leave the pictures in a designated folder in your computer and have a designated folder for the completed pictures to dropped off, for you to use right away. Photo Editing India realizes your need and urgency to have the completed pictures so that you can showcase it on your website allowing the property to be up for sale at the earliest, allowing your potential clients to view and explore the property. We provide the best connectivity and FTP transfer facility to ensure that files are moved back and forth without any delay and we provide the best turnaround times which is the envy of the industry.


Little surprise then that we at Photo Editing India have never had to see a client leaves us and go else where, in all these many years that we have been working on images.


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