Professional Photo Editing Services in India: Enhance Your Images with Expert Precision

Perspective correction in real estate photography, more so in the outdoor shoot is very critical. Perspective correction, in brief, is the correct mapping of horizontal and vertical lines which gives us the perception of depth in a two dimensional image.

Our normal vision when both our eyes operate provide us with a three dimensional view. Whereas the images we shoot and reproduce are in two dimension. Hence the perspective correction, as in the correct mapping of horizontal and vertical lines provides the viewer with a sense of depth.

The other significant implication of a flawed perspective in terms of the vertical lines comes into play, when the object is very tall and the picture is being shot from a distance to ensure the whole building is captured. In such times the plane of the object and the camera are not parallel with each other and the picture is being shot at an angle. This leads to distortions and a flawed depiction of the object in the captured image. The photograph would seem as if the building is leaning backwards, this phenomenon is also called keystoning.

The process of rectifying this flaw using image editing software is called perspective correction and is important in real estate photography, as showcasing the building and property at its true best is vital. It would be practically very difficult to be on a parallel plane and capture the whole height unless the photographer does find an high perch.

Image editing experts and professionals are able to do these using advanced tools and software like photoshop and the like. They map the image on the grid and correct the vertical lines. They map the image and rectify the flaws to ensure a true depiction. In this process the textual and linear distortions and flaws are rectified. Considering the nature of the cause and the way they creep into pictures, makes it almost ever existent in real estate photo shoots. For when buildings are shot from the outside, heights are involved. More so, since today there are more and more high-rises being developed and is fast becoming the more preferred choice so that builders are able to manage a healthy proportion of green in the projects. Since it has been established and beyond debate that photographs play a key role in showcasing real estate projects it only becomes imperative that the images are perspective corrected.

Among the many image editing and enhancement software that exist, Photoshop is among the more popular ones if not the most popular. In Photoshop versions above CS2, the way of correction is to go to Filter —- Distort— Lens Correction. Some of the higher versions have it directly under File —- lens correction. Once we get into this menu, there are sliders for the vertical lines and the horizontal lines and other elements.


Move the sliders both vertical and horizontal until the image looks perfect and it gives the true depiction of the building. This, with time and experience, one is able to do well with enviable results. Coupled with the other techniques, one ends up creating the perfect image.

Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that perspective correction is among the most used image enhancement technique in outdoor shoots of tall buildings or properties on a higher plane.

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