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Time Travel Through Images


Whether it is the need to leave something behind, or the drive towards immortality, whatever let the case be, there has always been a lot of importance towards recording ones image in the form of a painting in the earlier stages or through photography in the later. In all the cultures across the world, grandparents and ancestors in general are shrouded with an air of mystery. This mystery might be due to the quaint old image that is left behind and the stories about them which are not short of being legendary. We are never tired of staring into the vague eyes in the image and even try to absorb the articles in the image. If we are lucky we have an image which is 30% visible, but in most of the cases the images are spoiled largely due to mishandling.


For some these images are their only link with their past, their country/hometown, their parents, childhood, friends, siblings, a favourite pet something or anything they relate to in life.


Most often these images lie hidden in books or some personal belonging waiting to be discovered. By the time they are rescued they would have had to face insect bites, dust, dirt, humidity, water, and in some cases some parts of the images are torn off too. Apart from all these issues, old images also were shot with cameras which were not as well developed as the latest ones are. These manual hand held cameras did not half any of the features that the present day ones have. And hence the images that were shot then were no where near perfect either. PHOTO RETOUCHING AND RESTORATION SERVICES help in dealing with all these issues and as the name suggests it helps in restoring the image to its glory and most times, end up being better than the original even.

The process of restoration can be again divided into many different layers. In most cases it starts with fixing together any torn part of the image making it a single unit and highlighting the boundaries of the image. This is followed by carefully removing the dirt or spots on the image. Then these images are scanned using a high resolution scanner so that we can use the photo manipulation softwares to work on the scanned copy. The color and contrast are worked upon, and in case there are torn sections, these areas are also filled with color wherever necessary. The brightness is balanced followed by the process of  giving similar color to all sections of the image so that they look as a part of the whole. 

There are times when new age images also have to be worked upon to fix the red eye error. The images often need work on the sharpness and detailing also. The new age software help in formatting the image in multiple resolutions and formats and makes the process of safeguarding a photo much more easier than what it was earlier.

Depending on the client’s brief, BLACK AND WHITE TO COLOR CONVERSION SERVICES may or may not be employed or simply what can be defined as – CONVERT BLACK AND WHITE TO COLOR PHOTO. With the help of this service, the black and white images of the yesteryears can be given a dash of color and new life.


Photos – A Slice of Life/Work of Art?

Photos are universally loved, no matter what decade or country we are in, people love to click, love to be clicked and love to peruse these images whenever they feel like it. Parents love to go through the images of their children when they were young, kids love to check the images of their parents and grandparents, old people love to check out their images when they were younger… the list goes on. In short, images are almost an indispensable part of our lives. Now that we have established this simple fact, there is some dispute about the image manipulation process that almost every image goes through in the current day.


The images when they are clicked, the raw images, always have issues which mars the beauty of the image. These can be caused due to a myriad of reasons, and seldom does it have anything to do with the photographer. Irrespective of whether it was shot by a professional or an amateur these errors are bound to creep in photographs. Now that we have established the value of the images in everyday life, it is important to accept the plain fact that, these images have to be perfect as they are cherished for years to come. So let us once and for all accept that these images would have to go through the PHOTO MANIPULATION SERVICES.

Photo manipulation services, simply put, enhances the different elements of images and removes the unwanted bits, and makes the image as a unique whole which has a story to say and has no glaring elements which affect the overall performance of the image. After an image is shot, it is easy to find errors in it, when it comes to the exposure, brightness, contrast and such. Image manipulation works on these elements post shoot and makes the image perfect. Everyone deserves picture perfect images of the people they love, life changing events and such. Photo manipulation works on multiple levels. Let us try and understand a couple of those and why we should be comfortable with the idea of manipulation.


It is hard to pose and stage an image as we have very little control of the background until and unless we are sitting in a studio and clicking away. If it is an image that is being clicked in a public space we have very little control over the people around or even birds or animals which are part of the scene. Though the expression and the image of the central object might be great, the other elements in the image might hamper the image from being at its best. Add to this the image clicked during an event, there might be occasions when unwanted people are a part of an image and you do not want them in the frame. This is no longer something you have no control over, but it can be worked on thanks to the simple process called ADD REMOVE PEOPLE FROM IMAGES.

You can also REMOVE DISTRACTIONS FROM PICTURE which would otherwise prove to be irritating factors in the image. These distractions might be a black spot, wrinkles or a blur in a corner. These stop the image from being at its best and the desired effect is not achieved, but fret not, the modern developments in the world of software will help you convert your images to a thing of beauty you can cherish forever.


Tech Development & Related Issues


With the advent of the changes in technology and development we often find that they we are surrounded by what can only be referred to as new age issues.Often the changes in technology or evolution in general, is an answer to the old age issues and to better the output in general. But as can often be seen, any new product often until used often and in different conditions seldom reveal the issues they are ridden with. This phenomenon is the case with all new age gadgets and the camera is not an exception to this rule. 


The best way we can explain this process is by the example of what is referred to as red eye in the images, or simply put the eyes in these images have a ghostly red and is not what is to be seen in real life. This usually happens when an image is shot within a close proximity to the subject/object with the flash to compensate for low ambient light. This closeness to the object and the intensity of the flash results in causing the red eye in images. The light passes through the pupil and before the eye can react the image is captured which results in the unnatural redness of the eyes of both humans and animals. 

RED EYE CORRECTION IN PHOTOS refers to rectifying this issue. This process is done largely with the help of photo editing softwares. This is not an issue we can leave as it is, because the images have a ghostly feel to it and we would want to look at the images of our loved with these ghastly eyes. The eyes are the soul and when it has not been captured flawlessly, there is pretty much no use as far as the image is concerned. Some of the modern day cameras have come up with ways to fix this before we start shooting the images.


The images are two dimensional while our vision is three dimensional. So when we are trying to capture an image as our eyes see it, a lot is at stake. We are talking about converting a three dimensional experience into a two dimensional one with the aid of a camera, but at the same time we are trying to pass on the 3D experience with the aid of an image. This is feasible thanks to the simple process called contrast. We are able to judge depth between the elements in an image and are able to judge distance between the elements all thanks to the contrast in the image. And if this contrast gets skewed a lot can go wrong between the original object/scene and the image of the same. PHOTO CONTRAST CORRECTION SERVICES help us rectify this issue and gives life and helps the image look its best.  


Another commonly heard term when one talks about photography is exposure. For laymen, the term defines if the image is dark or bright. The exposure is at its best when all the objects in the image are well defined and easy to understand. When the exposure is wrong, the images often appear too dark and nothing is visible in there or there are times when the image is too bright and hence hampers the beauty of the image. This has very little to do with the quality of the camera and more to do with the person behind the camera. The photographers at most times have to make do with the conditions in which they have to shoot and hence post shoot IMAGE EXPOSURE CORRECTION is a must to make sure your images are at its best.

Photography is the perfect marriage of old school aim and shoot and new school software. When both work together, we achieve the images which are timeless and beautiful.


Pushing the Limits of Photography

Gone are the days when people saw a simple photograph and stared in wonder. The novelty is lost when it comes to simple images and photographers around the world over the ages have been experimenting with their camera and post shoot image manipulation software. The reality of the situation is that images have gone from depicting or storing a loved ones features for eternity, to the best feature in the field of advertising and more. And this is possible only with the help of the combination of planned photo shoots with the help of advanced cameras and  post photo shoot image manipulation techniques.

One of the most used post shoot image manipulation services is what is called IMAGE MERGE SERVICES. This is a simple process where multiple images are combined or merged to form one perfect image with all the favourite features and angles. This is also used when one wants to merge the object of an image to what one sees as a more favourable background. When we click images we like certain aspects and areas of the image and would want something different in the other area. In such instances two images of the same object can be merged where only the good elements are retained and thereby producing one single ideal image. This technique is largely used in the case of advertising where the product cannot afford to have dark areas as the future of the product largely depends on the efficiency of the advertisement. When we say advertisement we have to keep in our mind that we are referring to all sorts of advertisements, online, print, hoardings, brochures and the e-commerce website.

Another similar process that goes hand in hand with merging of images is what is called COLLAGE CREATION SERVICES. Collages are pieces of art where images, paper, wrappers, cloth extra are creatively stuck onto another paper, cloth, canvas or the like. In the case of images or photographs the central principle remains the same, it is just that it is stuck on to form another image, and the sticking happens with the help of software which makes it harder to notice. The attention span of humans have been decreasing consistently. In this case, instead of using multiple images to convey an idea, we can use this one collage to convey the idea in a better fashion. The advertisement industry has largely benefited from this- especially the real estate industry. This works in multiple ways – they can give a  bigger picture of the kind of services they provide and also with the help of collages can blend in the different attractive features of the house which would be visible to a potential client in their first glance.


IMAGE BACKGROUND CHANGE SERVICES is the simple process by which the background of an image is changed to something more appealing or something that goes with the entire theme or the purpose of the image. Photographers have to struggle with bad conditions to click an image. All might not be well with the image, and if the background does not blend with the image, the beauty of the image is lost. Under these conditions the post photo shoot manipulation expert would use his discretion to pick and choose an ideal background which would help the image shine. 

These simple processes help the photographer to shoot without much fear and the clients end up with a far more bigger and worthwhile collection to choose from.


Images & Real Estate Industry

There was a time in history when the only purpose of an image was to record an event/person. These images often rested in the photo albums of the family or an office depending on the nature of the image. In short, images were just used as a record. But with the passage of time, images started assuming a far more important role – that of advertising. Advertising also accepted the changes of time and became specialised. One such field is that of real estate. When people started travelling often and moving and migrating to different parts of the country/world, it became imperative that the demands for homes would increase.


In earlier days, people moved to a place where they knew other people or had families to support them. It is no longer the case. World is shrinking at a fast pace thanks to the comforts of travel and the time it consumes. One thing that does not change is the need for a place one can call home. The demand was huge and the people became used to the comforts of online retail services. The ripe time for real estate agents to accept change and jump into the arena. Images always played a huge role in aiding advertising. And with the demand on a high came in the need for specialisation and perfection.


REAL ESTATE IMAGE EDITING SERVICES serves just the purpose. This service refers to the editing of the images of homes, commercials spaces, land, projects in a particular area and such. The images being clicked forms the first step, once it is done, these images are handed over to the post shoot image manipulation experts who makes sure these images call out to the potential buyers and made the process much more easier than it was before. This made the life easier not just for the real estate agents but the buyers also who got a chance to check out the images and get a basic layout of the space. And yes images do a much more perfect job than words when it comes to convincing a client. All the artists behind the computer screens demanded were a raw format of the less than perfect images/images of the property and some time so that they can work on it and perfect all the aspects of the image.


Often when we are clicking images we realise that there is a difference in the color pattern in the image when compared to what is being perceived by the human eye. This is due to an error often referred to as color cast. There are multiple causes for the same, either due to the white balance being off or because the colors in an image do not compliment to function as a whole. This is no longer a cause of worry as the REAL ESTATE COLOR CAST REMOVAL services have now become very common. This ensure that the images do not suffer from any of these issues but rather is a copy of the exact and in the case of most times, better than the original too.


Another lesser known technique is called STILL PHOTO ENHANCEMENT. This technique largely refers to working on the still images, be it the exterior or the interior of a property and making every area represent what it is to the client – their dream home. With these techniques to help anyone can be a photographer, more than just a n amateur at that, someone who can even compete with professionals.








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