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Image Clipping Services


What is image clipping?

Image clipping is a long and complicated process by which elements are removed or modified to highlight the central theme/desired portions of the image from the background. The background of the image is also changed to suit the needs of the website and that would help the image to be at its glorious best.


Image clipping is done keeping in mind a variety of elements. Seldom is a photographer blessed with the perfect lighting, background, angle, contrast which increases an image`s ability to leave a lasting impression on first glance. This is the age when the websites have as little as five seconds if not lesser to attract the user`s attention. Any image taken by a photographer might not have the same color combination that might go well with the overall color scheme. Image clipping ensures that all these areas are worked on to bring out the essence of the image to the forefront.


Image clipping services isolate a wide range of images based on the purpose of the image/use of the image. If it is a real estate image, the primary concern is to bring out the sharp contrasts with the building/house as the primary target. One should then work outwards and make the image blend with the natural settings.


If the target is advertising the aim is to make the product/model the king of the image. If it is the product/a bottle of shampoo or a piece of jewelry, one should work on highlighting the image by maximizing the focus on the product with the rest serving as a contrast that brings out the best in the image. If it is a model/human figure the work would largely be on the minute details of the image. This can be done by ensuring there is not even a pixel on the image that does not leave a lasting impression on the viewer.


On the other hand, if it is a landscape where there is some area that is not bright enough we work on that area to blend with the entire image. Whatever let the image be, the technician should be able to work on the image and make sure your image can express the story that way you wanted it to be conveyed.


Why outsource image clipping?

For the smooth functioning of any company, it needs to be equipped with specialized teams working on all the small aspects which make the final product perfect on all counts. Rarely can there be a company, a firm or an agency which can boast to be best at all fields. Outsourcing plays a very important role as these agencies specialize in one particular aspect and will be able to deliver the best quality on that one particular aspect.


Though there are online tools which can be used to modify an image, these tools can never replace or compete with humans. At best these tools can be employed to aid in image clipping. Anyone can try out these tools, but the expertise and perfection that only experience can bring to the table is where and how outsourcing comes in to the picture.



Why Photo Editing India?

The creative photo editors analyze all the images, then based on the brief decide on the technique and colors to be used to transform the image from its natural state to one of pure perfection. Photo Editing India work on a large number of images on a time bound basis and deliver the same within the fixed timeline that the client wants.


Photo Editing India uses a variety of techniques to for Image Clipping also called Photo Clipping.


  • Basic or Simple clipping path
  • Clipping path with Shadow effects
  • Clipping path with Reflection
  • Complex clipping path
  • Photo Masking services


All these processes that are to be employed vary depending on the complexity of the images and the creative brief from the client. The primary focus is on using manual tools as often as possible to make sure that the detailing on the image and the definition are heightened and in no way mars the beauty and purpose of the image.


The choice of technique also depends on the complexity of the image. For instance, it is easier to clip an image with a uniform outline and fewer corners than an image of a perforated vessel or that of lace or of an intricate design. A lot of care has to be given to make sure that in the name of technique the original beauty and charm of the image is not lost.


Photo Editing India also uses updated softwares but prefer manual clipping for complex images. Quality is the prime concern. Depending on the image, where it is being used and the desired impact on the viewers, once the basic clipping is over we also employ ways in which we can enhance the image. This can be with the help of shadow effects, reflection or by creating a 3D feel to the image.


Photo Editing India has wide cross section of clients, varying from photographers to e-commerce and content websites to ad agencies, who want their images to be worked on. Photographers have to brave the elements of weather in the case of outdoor photographs, the mood swings in the case of indoor photographs and timing when it comes to personal photographs. In any of these cases, the photographers` job has now been made easier by being able to click as many images as possible. The rest of it is handled by the professionals in our team. Rest assured, your dream photographs will be in your inbox on time.  


At Photo Editing India you can find the best of these artists at work. With the help of these experts who have carved out a niche for themselves in careers which span well over a decade, we have delivered finished images which range from tough to what seemed impossible at first glance. Our clients all over the world have bestowed us with a wide range of images which have all been an experience by itself. These images after the clipping services have a distinct mark of perfection and identity which gels with the story of the image and makes it complete.




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