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Photo Masking


What is Photo Masking?

This is a slightly complicated process where our experts take the image after the basic clipping is over and embellish the image with different masking techniques. If the images that have been clipped do not have well defined edges we use photo masking technique to smoothen out the edges.


This service needs close attention to detail and is used for images which primarily include hair, transparent pieces of dresses like a semi transparent veil or for landscape photography which has trees/foliage and complex colour patterns.


The raw images after a shoot leave a lot to be desired, immaterial of whether it was shot by an amateur or a skilled photographer or whether it was shot with a still camera, a DSLR or even through a simple aim and shoot camera, let it be a fully automatic one or that of mobile phone. Apart from all these, the quality of an image also depends on the lighting, the mood of the image and the general tone of the image. In this scenario where there are a lot to be desired for, these sort of photo masking effects are a must.


Photo masking can range from simple photo masking to complex ways of photo masking. As a tool photo masking can be used for a variety of purposes. This technique in the hands of skilled artist can be used for isolating elements from the raw image, to correct the edges after a basic clipping process and also for cutting the central or the core image from the background.


Why outsource Photo Masking?

Images can narrate a story in a better fashion, more effectively and in a far less time span than words can. Images are what aids in attracting the potential clients to cast a second glance at the page/website/banner wherever let it be.  


Photo Masking is a slightly complicated process which if used effectively can bring out the best in any image. There are many newly developed tools which boast of being able to do this single handedly. But nothing can beat these tools in an experienced hand. It is easy to train the workforce towards this goal, this is not just time consuming but also requires a lot of attention and commitment towards this process of unravelling an image.


Why Photo Editing India?

The technicians at Photo Editing India are the best that can be found amongst the photo masking services that can be found in the world. Photo Editing India boasts of skilled technicians who have been in the field for more than ten years.    


Photo Editing India can guarantee what no other outsourcing company can; the fastest turnaround time of the images which are processed by the most skilled technicians and the basic infrastructure which makes the whole process effortless and easy for all the people involved. The experts bring out the stark contrasts and strong outlines without tampering with the parent image.   


Each image is analyzed by the experienced hands at Photo Editing India and they unravel the hidden beauty of the image keeping in mind the purpose it serves. Each image is a puzzle that needs to be worked on and each puzzle piece, let it be the background, color combination, contrast or any other aspect that the artist feels like has to sync with the overall image so that image can narrate the story in an effective manner.


The Photo Masking prices at Photo Editing India are competitive if not cheap. You can be rest assured that all our services provide 100% satisfaction and can help you use your raw images in a more effective way.


Our specialization and ease in using advanced technologies, a perfect combo of new age technology and old world workmanship, have driven us way ahead of our competitors. Timely delivery of services, 100% client satisfaction, picture perfect images are some of the qualities that each and every technician and artist at Photo Editing India cherishes.



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