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What Kind of Photographer are You? (Part 1)

Human beings are creatures of passion and are largely impulsive. When we are drawn towards anything that is mildly interesting we try to master it without giving it much thought. This becomes especially clear in the case of photographers. Photography is an art, and like any other art form, has different areas and some of these areas are vastly different from others. If you have decided to be a photographer it might be good to spend some time and figure out what type of photographer you want to be.


For that you need to be clearly aware of the different kinds and experiment with each of them so that you can find the one that you feel most sure of. Do you love to be in the spotlight, the glamour, the play of colours, what works in a particular season and more often than not should be able to draw the model`s attention from the mundane and transform them into images of beauty and perfection. At the same time realise the fact that it is not fun and glamour all the time, but a rather tedious job where you have to be a friend to the model and more. Landscapes sure are extremely appealing to all of us. But do you have the patience to scout exotic and spend hours and hours waiting for that perfect shot. Well, remember, nature will not pose for you, you will have to wait painstakingly and be ready when that ideal setting is naturally reached before you start clicking your stock of images. But the end product is nonetheless rewarding.


Or do you want to climb high and often get into a helicopter and shoot images? This sure is the ideal choice for adrenaline junkies and does give a different  perspective to images. This can be a costly affair and might not be a healthy idea for starters, but you have the necessary connections then go for it. Climb high and aim higher we say.


Does the wild nature often call you to be with her? Do you find calm and peace and most importantly do you know your basics about animals and different species of birds, frogs and the rest? These cannot be acquired over a short time, but if you are wildlife enthusiast and do not mind being away from the civilization for a rather long time, then pack your bags and head out to nature and start observing wildlife. Though this does not have the glamour the fashion photography has, it sure can be rewarding for a reflective soul.


Do these sound as if it does not provide the adrenaline that you are seeking for in your profession? And are you a sports buff? These can be regular source of income too! But this is one of those occasions when you cannot wait for a shot nor can you hope to capture it at another time or day. You have to be on your feet, and your camera has to be set and your picture perfect time lasts less than a fraction of second in this case. You have to know the sport, anticipate dramatic moments and secure ideal spots and the list goes on and on. But if you are someone who gets his/her kick through sports and you love shooting images, then look no further, this job is custom made for the likes of you.





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