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What is White Balance and color Correction?

Colors captured in pictures by cameras are not always true and hence are flawed; the correction of the flaws to ensure that the colors are depicted correctly is white balance and color correction.

Why does this happen? The flaws primarily occur since the sensors on the camera and the sensor in the human eye behave differently, hence the picture captured by the camera and the way we see the captured object in real life are different. These differences need to be corrected and added on the captured images, this process is called White balance and color correction.


The human eye is extremely adept at judging white in different light quality and sources which the camera is not and this creates ugly blue, orange or green color cast, a picture whose color is not balance is called a color cast as the overall image tends to shift to one color and that color kind of envelopes the whole image.


White balance and color correction are related phenomena and very similar. The differences lie in the colors being dealt with.

White balance also gray balance or neutral balance is the process by which the neutral color – white, grey and the lighter shades remain true and the flaws in their depiction corrected and balance restored.


Color correction is to ensure the color other than the neutral colors, the brighter colors the primary colors red, blue, green are captured correctly and are not garish and are pleasing to the eye. The process of correcting the flaws in the primary color is color correction. This process also includes the removing of color casts and color balancing the image.


The major causes of color casts in images then requiring color balancing is due to the quality of ambient light and the source of light, day time, night, candle light, tungsten bulbs and so on, all giving different color temperatures and causing differing perception to the camera for the very same object and color. The other significant parameter is the medium the image is going to be showcased in, website, paper and dull metal backgrounds and so on, which affects the way colors are perceived. All these agents cause flawed depiction of colors in an image needing it to be corrected.


Color balancing an image affects not only the neutrals, but other colors as well. Color correction and white balance of an image effectively removes the color casts and bring the image to its natural best as perceived by the human eye






Why Outsource White Balance and Color Correction?

Image color correction is a very critical process in making your pictures perfect. As much as most people are aware of the concepts, not many are proficient in the use of the different softwares and various updates and techniques available for working on images and correcting the balance and brightness adjustments.


This is complex and extremely time consuming in the hands of a newbie person, that apart the softwares are reasonably expensive making it a costly endeavor. The images are best given to experts who provide white balance and color correction services, they not only are fast and assure you of consistently good quality and very competitive prices, allowing the photographers to focus on their core strengths and shoot that many more pictures being assured of the post shoot work on the images being taken care of by the experts.

Why Photo Editing India?

Photographers, amateurs and professionals alike appreciate and realize the need for White balance and color corrections in the images they shoot under the pressures and limitations of shooting pictures real time, where all elements can not be controlled. Photo Editing India has years of experience behind it, in working with images and perfecting them.


This is very critical to product images, ecommerce websites, real estate pictures and websites, as this process ensures that the pictures are pleasing and desirable.


Professional photographers tend to shoot pictures in RAW file formats as adjusting them later is easy and the pictures captured are less hindered or manipulated. But there could be rare moments when shooting RAW format is less than ideal and is likely to happen in mixed light conditions – but whatever you choose the experts at Photo Editing India will balance your images and return them after perfecting it to you. Rest assured that your pictures are in safe hands, the sheer number of images we at photo Editing India have perfected stands testimony and guarantee to what you can expect from the passionate artist and technicians at Photo Editing India.


Photo Editing India uses the latest software in the image enhancing world and is backed by a robust IT infrastructure that ensure FTP file transfers for each and every customer allowing them to operate with ease and rest in peace.


Little wonder then that in all these long years of business, Photo Editing India have never had a client leave them and go looking elsewhere for Photo color balance, white balance or for that matter for any other Image enhancement services.


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