Professional Photo Editing Services in India: Enhance Your Images with Expert Precision

Portraits & Wedding Image enhancement services

Portraits & Wedding Image enhancement services Digital Photo Enhancement plays a key role today in portrait photography and wedding photography and one would say naturally so.For one aspires to look their best and capture images of themselves at their best as these photographs are about memories of the joy associated with an eventful happening in […]

The advent of Image editing in Real Estate

The advent of Image editing in Real Estate Photography Before we get to real estate photography and real estate image editing and enhancement, it is useful to have an overall view of how the industry has evolved and how the present has come about. As is usually the case, it is never one component but […]

Staging a House for Sale

Staging a House for Sale   Staging a house for sale, some do debate if it is required or is it right to do so. Let us get this out of the way. Why should it be wrong, staging is not faking. All one is doing is sprucing the place up and making it looks […]

Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography Aerial photography as the name suggests is when one shoots the subject from a high vantage point. In short, it is shooting pictures from high up in the air. Shooting images of the sky while while flying is oft misquoted as aerial photography, it is not so. If one shot pictures of the […]

Low Light Photography

One of the most oft asked questions are, how does one shoot pictures in low light without using a flash? Why would one not want to use the flash? Like most things good in life, in photography there is bound to be a fall side to it. Flashes as good as they are in brightening […]

Shooting Pictures with a Tripod

Why use a tripod and how does it help? The basic purpose that the tripod serves when compared to the camera being hand held is the stability and clarity. No matter how much a veteran you are, the camera held in the hand is bound to shake and cause blurs in the images.   Does […]

 The criticality of perspective correction

Perspective correction in real estate photography, more so in the outdoor shoot is very critical. Perspective correction, in brief, is the correct mapping of horizontal and vertical lines which gives us the perception of depth in a two dimensional image. Our normal vision when both our eyes operate provide us with a three dimensional view. […]

Real Estate Photography – Quick Tips

Real Estate Photography – Quick Tips Real estate purchases, more so homes, are aspirational buys. Everyone has a dream home and they aspire to buy a house which closely resembles their dream home. The difference between a potential client flipping past your property and deciding to check on it depends on the photograph you use […]

Photography in the rain

Photography in the Rain Photography in the rain does throw up challenges as much as shooting the elements always does. That said it also throws opportunities to frame and shoot some brilliant pictures and moods that are unique to the element. Shooting in the rain throws up two distinct groups of challenges. One, how does […]

Real Estate Photographers: Click-it, Send-it, Forget-it

  For folks from India, the title will sound familiar. There is a popular line from the Hero Honda campaign which went: “Fill it, Shut it, Forget”. A campaign addressed to a very mileage sensitive bike market. Could not but help borrow the line when one thinks of Real Estate Photographers of today. This is […]